Pokemon & Nobunaga’s Ambition Trailer

Pokemon & Nobunaga's Ambition b

The upcoming crossover that no one could have possibly anticipated, Pokemon and Nobunaga ‘s Ambition, has just revealed a new trailer for our viewing pleasure. Our friends in Japan will be able to get hold of the game on DS on March 17th. For the vast majority out there who have never heard of Nobunaga’s Ambition, … Continue reading

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Get Ready For The Wii’s Next Big JRPG – The Last Story

last story

Since the launch of the Nintendo Wii console back in 2006, European fans have been screaming out for some heavyweight JRPGs to get their teeth into. It seems that their luck came all at once with first the announcement of Xenoblade Chronicles hitting our shores, then The Last Story and soon Pandora’s Tower too. Hurrah! … Continue reading

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Phoenix Wright Movie To Be Released Globally

ace attorney 10

Last July we had a cheeky glimpse at Capcom’s upcoming Ace Attorney live action movie. At that point, however, it looked as though the film would only be released in Japan. Thankfully director Takashi Miike has announced that he is planning a worldwide release. According to IGN, Miike is aiming to both dub and subtitle … Continue reading

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New Information for PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond

pokepark 2 wonders beyond

Yesterday, Nintendo provided the team here at Nintendo Scene with a new press update on the upcoming Wii game, PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond. This will be a sequel to the original PokéPark game (PokéPark: Pikachu’s Adventure) which was released on the Wii in Europe on the 9th July 2010. PokéPark 2 is due to be released on … Continue reading

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Shinrei (Spirit) Camera US Release Date Announced

spirit camera1

Here at Nintendo Scene we have been following closely Tecmo’s upcoming 3DS horror-fest, Shinrei Camera, whose name has now been finalised as Camera: The Cursed Memoir. Rather cleverly, or should I say creepily, Tecmo have coincided the US release date with the notoriously superstitious Friday 13th, in April. One of the most intriguing aspects of Spirit … Continue reading

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Pac-Man And Galaga Dimensions (3DS) Preview

Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions 3DS

Here at Nintendo Scene we do love a bit of retro gaming, and it is without dispute that Pac-Man is clearly the icon of retro arcade gaming. Every now and then, developers like to remind us how great those classic games were by launching collections on new hardware (e.g. SEGA’sDreamcast Collection on the Xbox 360). Towards the end … Continue reading

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Heroes of Ruin (3DS) Preview


We at Nintendo Scene do love a good RPG, and so we were excited to hear that Square Enix (who has become a sort of ambassador for the Japanese role-playing genre) are bringing out a brand new RPG adventure for the 3DS. The story of Heroes of Ruin surrounds four mercenaries, teaming up to find … Continue reading

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Getting to know… Tales of the Abyss

tales of the abyss

Japanese game stores are full to the brim of excellent RPGs that will never see the light of day on European or American shores. Luckily Tales of the Abyss is not one of those, and as it is currently scheduled for an EU release later this year. Handheld systems have always been home to some … Continue reading

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Star Fox Landing in the States Soon


Star Fox 64 was one of the fan favorites for the Nintendo 64 and now with the 3DS thus far being a system for the classics, Star Fox 64 3D will have players driving an Arwing in three dimensions. When the official site started running, it had an initial North American release date of Sunday, … Continue reading

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