There was to have been a Metroid Prime 1.5 Game

A recent document has surfaced on an apparent Metroid Prime game to have taken place between Metroid Prime and Echoes (MP2).

A member of NeoGAF apparently found the design document (can be viewed here) by Tony C. Giovanni. Tony was a member of the level design team at Retro Studios.

Reverse gravity and all other sorts of “enviromental weirdness” would be set against the gamer.

The ship will take up the same real estate as the ruins and mines combined. These are two of the largest levels in the previous game and I think that by combining the size of the two, we will have a healthy amount of game space to course though. In addition, we can further expand the 2.5D ball mode areas and expand the scanner game play. I guess this adventure would be more about solving puzzles (scan mode) and utilizing alternative methods of navigation (ball mode).

The game story would commence as Samus leaves Talon IV, a distress signal is received to lure her into an apparently drifting space vessel. It then folds into a parallel universe. Within this ship Samus must battle in order to stop it from reaching it’s destination.

Sounds like a great game and the concept art looks awesome. Why oh why did we not get it?

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