3DS Japan Launch – Pictures and Videos

3DS unboxing videos are hitting the net at break neck speed. Here’s is the clearest and most straightforward video so far in English language. (Video courtesy of the guys over at 1up)

If you don’t know already, today sees the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan first at a price of ¥25000 ($300) (£190). Europe release will take place on the 25th of March and North America on the 27th of March.

The 3DS is a significant release for Nintendo and the games industry as a whole. Sony has reacted to the release in Japan by lowering the price of their PSP-3000 to $129.99 and releasing some big name games along with it. Sony is the main contender, with a planned release of their new console the NGP (Next Generation Portable). Whilst being a more powerful and prestigious console, the 3DS has the real innovation with the no glasses 3DS Screen and with that too, a ten Month lead on Sony’s NGP release.

Nintendo forecasts themselves to sell 4 Million units of the 3DS before March the 31st. But with initial stocks already sold out in pre-orders by January the 20th, it depends as to whether Nintendo can quickly replenish stocks to make the most of the launch hype.

Many people who couldn’t get their 3DS pre-ordered, were able to queue a small number of stores that were selling on a first come first served basis. At 1am the morning morning of release people were in sleeping bags outside Yamada Denki’s Co.’s LABI electronics store in Shibuya. Hundreds were outside LABI’s store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. With the line stretching around the building.

Reuters got a snapshot opinion at the release, “I have been away from playing games for a while, but 3DS brought me back to it,” said Hitoshi Yanagi, a 39-year-old from Kawasaki in the suburbs of Tokyo. “What smartphones can do is different from what the 3DS can do – it’s not that either one is superior.”. This generally catches the enthusiasm surrounding this 3DS launch.

Nintendo shares have recently been sagging, but this release is expected to give them a very helpful lift. Nintendo shares are already up 20% on Nintendo’s 10 Month low to October the 15th 2010.

With North America and Europe next up for the 3DS treatment, we can’t help focus our eyes now to the not so far distance of a possible Wii 2 announcement, anticipated to take place between March the 2 and this Years E3 in early June.

Japan news report on the launch day. Very cool.

A neat video put together for N-Europe.

Video of the night-time queues on the morning of release in Japan.

A good example of the augmented reality.

And to finish up, here’s a wonderful video put together by Kotaku on what not to do with your 3DS.

5 Responses to “3DS Japan Launch – Pictures and Videos”
  1. JB2X says:

    I want one… so baaaad….


  2. Paul says:

    Love the japanise news!!.. Well done man to get this videos. I’ll Keep watching this space!


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