Nintendo’s Iwata gives Key Note Speech at GDC – But no Wii 2

Yesterday at 17:00PM GMT (09:00am PST) Nintendo fans watch the live stream (can be watched again – 1hr) provided by Nintendo themselves of Iwata and Reggie tag teaming their presentation.

While the vast majority of the speech was dedicated to the history of gaming and the states of the video games industry, we did get some wonderful goodies from Nintendo.

Here’s a bullet point list of things unveiled:

  1. New Mario 3D game for the 3DS – Hints in it’s logo to Raccoon Mario or Tanuki Mario.
  2. New Zelda game-play footage.
  3. Talk of a OOT release not before June, meaning skyward sword will be release after June.
  4. Late May update for 3DSs with internet browser.
  5. 3DS 3D video capture to be applied through firmware update at a later date.
  6. Netflix will be available for the 3DS with 3D content.
  7. AT&T co-opertation in providing 10,000 WiFi hotspots for 3DS users.
  8. Game Gear games coming to 3DS.

Was a great showing by Nintendo. Nintendo’s “Iwata” and “Zelda” were trending higher than the much-anticipated iPad2 at 12:00pm PST – 3hrs after the start of Nintendo’s speech and 2 hrs after Apple’s. However eyes are on Nintendo again for E3 in June, awaiting something on a possible Wii 2 announcement.

“Trust your passion. Believe in your dreams. Make the impossible…possible” – Satoru Iwata

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