Nintendo 3DS UK Launch – HMV, London Oxford Street – Live

The night is heated up and the anticipation is increased for the birth of Nintendo’s 3DS here in the UK.

We can confirm that @MarwanElgamal was the first in line to purchase the officially released 3DS in the UK at Nintendo’s own VIP event. He’s now also the first official owner of a UK 3DS presented to him by Nintendo officials himself. Queues started on Wednesday night outside HMV‘s flagship Oxford Street Store. However it has come to light that some online orders were in fact being delivered as early as this morning, breaking Nintendo’s release. Athough the queues were long they did not snake the block as they did with the Wii’s release. Gift packs with space blankets and toys were included making for a nice touch from Nintendo. There was a red carpet for those coming from the official 3DS launch party.

If you followed us @NintendoScene, you’d have been with us live visiting the HMV Oxford Street store and then on the HMV Islington to purchase our own 3DS console there. We wish everyone all so much fun with their new consoles. We do hope you remembered the 1 minute silence at 23:44 GMT to remember those that died in the Japan earthquake crisis.

Launch Nintendo Video

Launch Night Pictures

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  2. […] was a very nice fan by the name of Marwan Elgamal who coincidentally the first in line for the 3DS’ launch in the UK! Don’t know how he keeps getting in line first. The main release venue was clearly to be […]


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