London StreetPass Event – Massive Success with Yoshinori Ono’s Attendance

London StreetPass Event - Massive Success with Yoshinori Ono's Attendance

London’s very first organised StreetPass Event went ahead today. The event held at St Pancras station, the UK’s largest transport bub saw dozens of 3DS owners culminating to share their Miis and start up spontaneous Street Fighter bouts. Starting at 12pm when Nintendo Scene arrived gamers were already partaking in the event. As more and more people arrived Miis were hitting about 3DS’ like hot stones. Many Miis were traded with gamers who were just passing.

The event reached an amazing high when people spotted Yoshinori Ono approaching the crowd. The Street Fighter IV producer who worked on the original Street Fighter soundtrack from back in the day. Gamers were quick to challenge the “maker” to a Fight with his own game. Stakes were high, risk was everything as we all wanted to win against such a prestigious foe. I have a lingering doubt that Onosan might have in fact, let me win our match 2:1 to Nintendo Scene!

Yoshinori Ono, attended after he caught wind of the event on Twitter, arriving alone without an entourage. The man held in such high esteem was extremely courteous, posing for all request to pictures and autographs. Giving the event a good hour of his time, we all managed to obtain his Mii (pictured), as did he ours. He’s later quoted via his Twitter feed as saying: “Thank you for organizing 3DS community!” in response to attending the event organized by this site.

Page a games’ journalist had also been in attendance to cover the event. Read his own personal in depth experiences following the Street Pass event over at: We Are Arcade. You’ll also be able to hear audio interviews including myself (below) as well as other attendees. Thanks for coming by Page and the Mii of you is a good likeness.

Without a doubt the event passed as a amazingly high success, and standing as a shining beacon of how StreetPass is a true innovation in bringing people of all walks together, whom would not normally have interacted in such complete gaming bliss.

For such future StreetPass Events, please stay tuned to this site’s Facebook Page, Twitter Account and RSS Feed. We’re also looking for Nintendo enthusiasts to be part of the team here at Nintendo Scene. Interested? Contact Us.

Thank you to all whom took the time to come by, thanks to Yoshinori Ono for coming to StreetPass with us. Needless to say, Thank You to Nintendo for making this all possible. One of my life’s greatest video gaming moments.

Interview of myself by Page from We Are Arcade.

Videos from the StreetPass Event

Loads of pictures from our StreetPass Event

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  1. Would like to say a massive thanks to Page who covered the event. YOu can read up on what he main of the event here:


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