A Week In 3D(S)

I say Week, on Thursday the 31st March, as thanks to some lucky pre-ordering and a great service from an online retailer which I won’t name, I received my Aqua blue Nintendo 3DS on launch day -1. Thursday 24th March. I was in a meeting when it arrived, upstairs. The team I work with weren’t, however. ‘The 3DS has landed, come and have a look the graphics are amazing!!’ was the text message I received during the meeting. The guys had received MY 3DS and had unpacked it.

If you have read my profile, hopefully you’ll agree with me in thinking that I am qualified to write about Nintendo gaming, namely the 3DS as it’s the big new console right now. I have been playing Nintendo for over 15 years; from Saturday morning sessions with my brother on Donkey Kong Country on SNES, Tetris on Gameboy, Goldeneye four player matches when I should have been at college, to Star Fox Adventures on Gamecube whilst my girlfriend sat and watched and now Mario Kart Wii late night racing and afternoon Metroid Other M sessions when I should be playing with my baby daughter.

I’ve not written about gaming before now, but thought i’d start contributing to Nintendo Scene following the release of the first ‘glasses free’ 3D handheld gaming experience that is 3DS. Everyone’s talking about it after all; so I will too. And I won’t forget Wii too; Skyward Sword is coming soon after all.

So, back to the 24th. I went downstairs – no, the box was on my desk. ‘You going to unpack it now?’ ‘No’ I said initially, as I found myself ‘just having a quick look’. And ‘just putting it on charge’, before I found myself opening it up, setting my personal settings, my Mii etc. Then I was spinning round the room shooting my colleagues faces in Face Raiders before it got passed round the room and we were all playing. ‘3DS in the studio’ Rob tweeted. It was. We needed to get back to work though.

Good job – my head hurt. So did Matt’s. Oh dear. It wasn’t looking good for ‘glasses free’ 3D gaming. I wear glasses incidentally – perhaps that was the problem. And Matt wears contact lenses; perhaps the 3DS isn’t meant for those who have the displeasure of not being able to see properly? I’ll leave that on charge for a bit then. Er?…not so good so far.

Fast forward to a week later – and I’m loving it. The 3D effect is nice – not too much, just enough. I have the slider just above half way and it’s great. And no headaches any more. I’ve taken pictures of my daughter at the park – in 3D. I’ve spent quite a bit of time shooting the faces of my wife and daughter dancing around the lounge with Face Raiders too. In 3D. Surprisingly fun little game that one. I’ve also shot a dragon a number of times and done a bit of fishing too. The AR cards are great fun; how you unlock more and more the more you play and the more you kill the dragon which keeps popping up on my dining room table. I also transferred a Mii of my Dad from my Wii and took a photo of him relaxing on the table.

I’ve never played Pilotwings on SNES or N64, but am enjoying Pilotwings Resort, which is the only game I have bought so far. I’m really enjoying the Free flight mode and the challenges. The different way that the vehicles handle means a genuinely different experience for each one too and I really like the graphics too. Especially playing in the ‘Evening’.

One of the things I think I’ve used my 3DS for so far the most though is as a pedometer. It’s been to work with me every day, in order to try and get myself some more play coins. I’ve been carrying it about n my bag as I walk, however, it’s just not far enough to my office from the car park. I’ll be going for a walk this weekend I think. And hopefully I’ll meet someone in StreetPass too – I’m still waiting for that little light to come on! Perhaps that walk should be in a highly populated place!?

One final thought before I mention the games i’m waiting for and looking forward to playing in the forthcoming weeks. I played Mario Kart DS this evening with my wife. She transferred the data to me from her DS lite and we had a few races. The analogue Circle pad was great to control it with; brilliant handling that made it an all new experience. Give it a go – you’ll love it. Makes me look forward to Mario Kart 3DS even more.

Also on my wish list is Ocarina of Time, Starfox 3D, Resident Evil and Kid Icarus as well as the new Mario 3D adventure and Paper Mario. I also have a need to re-live classic moments from Gameboy and Gameboy Colour on the e-shop when it launches in May. Can’t come quick enough. Best get saving…

3 Responses to “A Week In 3D(S)”
  1. Welcome to Nintendo Scene and this is a real nice in depth piece on the 3DS… IT’s also warmed me as to what’s coming. The e-shop, and Resident Evil is another game I almost forgot about. Argh, there is really so much.


  2. Paul says:

    I am glad you came round the the 3D effect. Although I myself set the 3D slider halfway.


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