My Nintendo 3DS – Brief Opinion

My Nintendo 3DS has been receiving some very good use over the week since release. Nintendo have indeed produced another awesome console, delivering completely what they set-out to do.

Things can be said about the launch line-up, the build quality, the experiences of some users being headache prone, and whether or not they’ll be an imminent release of a lite or XL version. One for sure is that Nintendo has again invigorated the masses with another wave of innovation..

Sony are fighting the battle by producing ever more powerful consoles at large expensive with their business plan craving for software sales to bring them success financially. Nintendo played that game back with the SNES and won it. The key was still producing the quality fun gameplay that lacks in so many IPs these days.

Was Nintendo rushed into releasing the 3DS when it did. Did it feel the need to beef up it’s partable gaming hardware to cope with Sony’s new NGP or piracy on the poor old DS. Is the sign in Nintendo not having a major IP ready for release, or did they really wanna give 3rd party developers first say in the release window. We will probably never know.

All I care for know is the fun I am receiving from some a significant hardware release from a company that always seems to prove it knows gaming and how to do games more than anyone else that tries.

Here’s my friend code: 3093 – 7063 – 0902 for all those that fancy themselves in Street Fighter IV or simply want to add another to their 3DS friend list. PLease reply to this comment with your own 3DS friend code.

12 Responses to “My Nintendo 3DS – Brief Opinion”
  1. nintymadden says:

    Just added you! 🙂 Heres mine 4682-8436-7365


  2. Russell Edwards says:

    Hi! My code is 0259-0272-3233.


  3. stealthbuda says:



  4. wes says:

    mine is 0087-2284-1432

    don’t have street fighter though. should i buy it? or, anything else? just have pilotwings at the mo.


    • Yes, added you too Wes. I would say get Street Fighter if you have the funds free. It is as good as I remember, when I used to play Turbo back on the famicom down Croydon market.


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