3DS eShop – What I’d Like To See

As most of you will know, the eShop will be on our beloved 3DS’ soon, in that all important update towards the end of May. Another month to go until we see this new addition, and I can imagine most of you are eagerly awaiting to see what will be available for you. There are certain games and other features I would like to see, some of you may agree with me. I’ve made a small wish list of what I would like to see next month in our new virtual store.

1. Pokemon: How perfect would a remake of Pokemon Snap be on the 3DS? I think it would make great use of the 3D camera effect. There are some people who probably wouldn’t of had the chance to play the Nintendo 64 original, so having this remake I reckon would be great to give people a taster of what it offers. Hours of fun snapping shots of Pikachu, Charizard and Squirtle! In saying this, the original Pokemon Snap was quite short, so maybe a 3DS sequel could be on the cards? 649 Pokemon to snap? Yes please! Also when I think of the Pokemon games that could be available to download, I instantly think of Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow. Thats where it all began, and I know that I would love to relive that moment again. Some of you might say, “Well how are you meant to catch them all? We have no link cable anymore? I have Pokemon Blue and I want Growlithe but he’s in Red?”. Well! This is where collecting those 3DS coins could come in! Purchase your Growlithe for 100 coins and there you go!

2. AR Games: Ok so I’ve been thinking this one through quite a bit the more I play with the AR cards. Imagine, an AR shop, where you download the games, and once it recognises a certain AR card, a small miniature game surrounding that card forms right in your living room! Say for instance you download a mini game, and it activates when the camera recognises the Link card, suddenly Ganondorf emerges and its exactly like the Link/Ganondorf scene at the end of Ocarina of Time! The same goes for if Pokemon AR cards were released and I’ll keep saying it, a full-blown Pokemon simulated battle. As more AR cards hopefully become available, it’d be great to see these mini games. Endless possibilities, this is just one I’d love to see in the eShop.

3. Kingdom Hearts: This may be a longshot, but I would love to see the whole Kingdom Hearts series remade for the eShop. I am one of the select few who never got a chance to play these awesome games, but I’ve seen plenty of good reviews surrounding them. I’ve followed the Final Fantasy series on the Playstation, and since they both come from Square Enix, I really want to experience these games, as I’m sure plenty of others would love to too.

4. Zelda series: I would love to see the likes of The Minish Cap, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages become available in our new store. Since we are getting a chance to relive Zelda: Ocarina of Time in June, maybe it would soon be announced that we could also be re-playing these handheld Zelda classics?

5. Games Soundtrack Downloads: The reason I would love to see this is because there are so many memorable pieces of music that can be heard throughout a lot of Nintendo games. Super Mario Galaxy is an amazing example. The orchestra music is just so beautiful. A big one for me will always be Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I’m a huge Zelda fan, and to download the likes of Bolero of Fire and the spectacular Gerudo’s Valley music would be an absolute must for my 3DS. I’m sure many people have certain tracks that they would love to download and reminisce that moment when they first heard it.

And there you have it, that’s my list for games and features I would love to see. I’m interested in what you think of my list, and also in what you would like to see! Hopefully come the end of May, we will all be happy Nintendo 3DS gamers!

5 Responses to “3DS eShop – What I’d Like To See”
  1. Andy Piper says:

    Call me insane, but I’d like to see some 3D web apps. For example – how cool would a Flickr browser be that spins and animates your gallery of images in 3D? It would rock.


  2. Mark says:

    Pokemon AR could definitely be a winner! Imagine if they tied in a 3DS Pokemon game with Pokemon cards – where the back of the collectible cards were the AR Card for the 3DS game. That could be amazing!


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