3DS Gamers Being Made Ill?

According to a recent tabloid in The Sun newspaper this morning, furious gamers of Nintendo’s 3DS are suffering from headaches and dizziness. It’s being reported that “thousands” who have used the 3DS are left sick, and that some of the stores where they purchased the handheld, have offered refunds, and in some other cases, nothing at all!

One dad, Sundeep Tailor, became ill after only playing the 3DS for 3 minutes. At first his local GAME had refused to give him a refund, but eventually they settled at £176.99. A spokesman for GAME has said although they are unable to offer a full refund, they are offering alternatives to those claiming they are ill. Also claims of the Black Screen of Death that have occured on several (including my own) 3DS, has not led to anybody looking for a refund.

Despite these reports, Nintendo have denied these claims, saying that levels of complaints are lower than any of their previous hardware launches. On a good note, Nintendo last night stated that feedback for the 3DS was “Overwhelmingly positive”.

So, whats your view? Have you been suffering any of these issues?

4 Responses to “3DS Gamers Being Made Ill?”
  1. Very interesting. If it is making people ill then perhaps they should just turn the 3D slider down. But then again they should get a refund if they really can’t bare that feature of the console. What happens with the old consoles? INteresting…


    • nintymadden says:

      I suppose it varies doesnt it? I’ve played mine for up to 4 hours straight along with others I know, and have had no side effects at all! Only side effect I get is that my iPhone and iPod screens look slightly 3D! 🙂


  2. Wes says:

    I’ve heard a bit about this on the radio today. They are certainly making a story out of this aren’t they! Read the instructions, look on the box. You are not supposed to use it if you are not 7 years old or older and YOU CAN ADJUST the depth slider. I am the first to admit that it gave me a headache on the first go; they always said that you should adjust the slider to a comfortable position for your eyes. I have done that and now play with relatively no problems. One thing I have noticed though is that my eyes do play up a little if you adjust when playing. Best to pick a spot and leave it there I think! I am interested to hear what others have been experiencing, if at all.


  3. stealthbuda says:

    I think some people need to man up.

    I heard a story about a guy who bought the biggest screen sized flat-screen plasma he could when they first came out, he took it back the next day claiming it was giving him serious headaches so they asked how far he sat away from it, and he said one metres away as that was as far back from it that he could get his sofa.

    It’s like going on a serious run. Yeah you can be sick and it hurts, but fight through it, it’ll make you stronger as a person if you persevere.

    I recon the chebs that are suffering as has been said on previous posts, haven’t calibrated it properly and are probably holding it too close to their faces playing it for hours on end. When a serious gamer tells me it made him ill then I might pay attention.

    I think it could be Nintendo’s version of natural selection. Weed out the chaff and leave only the strong.

    I’ve had the black screen of death three times whilst playing Ghost Recon, but not once in the several hours I’ve been playing Samurai Warriors. But again, computers crash, deal with it. If it’s not constant every time you play or reach a certain point, it’s not a major issue, annoying, but not major.

    Some people just can’t take epicness I guess.



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