A Gameboy Fan’s – 3DS Virtual Console Wish List

As a day one adopter of the Wii, one of the things I was most interested to see as soon as possible was the Virtual Console. A few years later and I’ve bought all the Nintendo classics that I had already played to death; Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario World and some others that I never played on their first release including Majora’s Mask. Incidentally, I haven’t downloaded Ocarina of Time. I’m pretty pleased of that, considering the imminent release on 3DS, which means I can experience it almost fresh when it arrives. It’s been 13 years since I played it.

I’ve really enjoyed playing through Donkey Kong Country again, and also been mildly unimpressed at how difficult I’ve found Super Mario Bros on playing that again; oh how I’ve gotten used to infinite lives, restart points and the ability to save. Super Mario Kart is also REALLY tough, but Mario Kart 64 reminds how easy that one was and of some classic lunch break four player racing during my college years.

Which leads me on the eStore for 3DS and the potential for some classics on there that I’m looking forward too from the Gameboy. I remember my Nan and Grandad were given the task of getting me a GameBoy when they went on holiday from the Duty Free shop at the airport. And my immense disappointment when the postcard we received from them on their holiday noted that they didn’t manage to get one for me. I got one shortly afterwards though, played Tetris when I could get it out of my Dad’s hands, then, through multiple rounds of trading, had the Colour, Advance and Advance SP editions before buying the first DS. I had one of those ’55 in one’ dodgy cartridges too, that had quite a lot of decent games on, as well as lots of ropey ones.

The following are what I’m looking forward to from the original Gameboy and Colour versions. Let me know what you can’t wait to play too.

1. Super Mario Land 1 and 2
Can’t wait to play these again. From the genius that is the little underwater section and Mario flying a little plain in Super Mario Land to shear brilliance of 6 Golden Coins. Both of these sit in the list of few games that I’ve managed to pay all the way to the end. Hope these will be on the eStore – definitely my first purchases. I wonder if we’ll get Super Mario Bros. Deluxe from the Gameboy colour too?

2. The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening
I never bought any of the multiple re-releases of this game, only ever had the original. As the first Zelda game I played, never having experienced the original on the NES, this introduced me to the world of Hyrule, Link and Zelda in a game that didn’t take place in Hyrule or feature Princess Zelda. I never played the Oracle of Ages or Season’s games on GBC, so I would be keen on checking those out too.

3. Kirby’s Dream Land
Bet you didn’t see that one coming. I remember a friend at school getting me a copy of this one from the states. Back in the day when Nintendo handhelds were multi-region of course (one of the things I am disappointed about with the 3DS I’m afraid). The only Kirby game I think I have played and the only reason, therefore, that I think makes Kirby a top choice in Smash Bros. Classic platform adventure.

4. Super R.C Pro-Am
Amazing little racer, one of the few I remember playing on Gameboy. Racing around getting all the collectables was addictive as hell. I had the SNES Super Gameboy adapter too and seem to remember playing that on there too.

And some others that come to mind…
From looking online to jog my memory, I’ve been reminded of a number of other games that I had, or at least played. Donkey Kong Land, the GBC version of Donkey Kong Country, Tiny Toon Adventures, Pokemon Red (which my mate at college bought for me as he was so desperate to share the joy of Pokemon with someone else! I’ve not had any other Pokemon games since), Alleyway, Alfred Chicken(!), The Simpsons (in some sort of guise?) and I also remember a Batman game too.

It will be interesting to see which, if any, of these we get! And, hopefully, we’ll see some games from GameBoy Advance at some stage too….

6 Responses to “A Gameboy Fan’s – 3DS Virtual Console Wish List”
  1. nintymadden says:

    Ah yes, Super Mario Land 2 6 Golden Coins….What a game! 🙂 If none of the older Pokemon titles like Blue, Red or Yellow don’t make an appearance on the eStore I am defo taking out my Gameboy Pocket and geeking it up big style again with Pokemon Blue! ^_^


  2. ManiLink says:

    Right with you on this one! I haven’t played Super Mario Land 1 and 2 for so long! I love the music in those games! It is like Nintendo has forgotten some of those awesome tracks and has settled on Mario 64 and Mario Bros 3 being the sources for mario nostalgia from here on. That is just WRONG!

    Link Awakening – Another game I have not had the chance to play. Will definitely be picking this one up as I need to fill in my Zelda knowledge, along with Oracles and Seasons one day. I never really got on well with top down Zelda – but I am willing to give it a crack once again. I hear Links Awakening is damn incredible.

    Aside from that I remember Warioland 1, 2 and 3. Obviously Pokemon Blue – which I absolutely adored, but have never been able to get into any of the other Pokemon titles since. 😦 Oh I also hope there is some sort of revival of Super Metroid 2: Return of Samus! I would love to play that in colour – damn they should zero mission style remake it!


  3. ManiLink says:

    Metroid 2***


  4. Luke says:

    Mole Mania and Donkey Kong ’94 would be my two top choices. I’d much rather a remake of Mole Mania though, it’s a Miyamoto franchise that went to waste, it was brilliant! Thinking about it, it’s perfect for a dual screen set up…


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