The Sun Continues 3DS ‘Rant’

Today The Sun has continued it’s negative opinions towards Nintendo’s 3DS. Today, tests were performed by The Sun‘s own doctor, Carol Cooper, on Lee Price, who is also a reporter for the newspaper. The tabloid states that Price’s heart rate was increasing dangerously after playing games such as Super Street Fighter 4 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 in four 30 minute slots. He was taking the advised 10 minute rest between gameplay. Price’s blood pressure had rose from 127/72 up to 140/84.

Carol Cooper, The Sun‘s Doctor had concluded: “If this rate is sustained for a long period it could damage circulation. I think the break period needs to be significantly increased”, while also adding, “Children should not be left to play on it for hours”.

In other news, Graphics and Imaging expert Dr.Neil A Dodgson gave his proffesional opinion to CVG on the scandal surrounding the 3DS stories. He claims that those suffering 3DS ‘dizziness’ are not at risk of permanent damage. Here is what he had to say to CVG on the subject:

“All current commercial 3D technologies (3DS, 3DTV, 3D movies) require a disconnect between accommodation and vergence,” Dr. Dodgson explained. “There are two sets of muscles in the eyes, one of which focuses the eyes on the thing you are looking at (accommodation), the other of which converges the eyes at the position you are looking (vergence).

“In the real world, the two sets of muscles work together. With the commercial 3D technologies, you need to focus on the screen but converge on the virtual objects – which means that the two sets of muscles are no longer working together.

“This can cause problems for anyone if the virtual objects are too far in front or too far behind the screen; content providers know this and make sure that they keep objects near the screen most of the time.

“Unfortunately, there are some people who are very sensitive to the situation where those two muscle systems are not working together. The effect, for them, will be a feeling of sore eyes or a headache, which will cause no permanent damage but will mean that they cannot use the 3D device.

“Fortunately for the 3D industry, these ‘very sensitive’ people are relatively uncommon,” he said, concluding that while there are some technological solutions to the ill effects of 3D, none of them are commercially viable at present.

So, are The Sun taking things just a little too far?

7 Responses to “The Sun Continues 3DS ‘Rant’”
  1. Neko paul says:

    The sun is bullshiting, again…


  2. MD1500 says:

    Has the deal with Sky 3D fallen through?
    Ruper Murdoch owns The Sun and Sky. I can’t imagine them being negative toward the 3DS if their company was still providing content for it….
    Maybe they now see the 3DS as a rival to Sky 3D?


  3. K-tet says:

    These problems are well-documented, as in, the companies that use and develop 3D technologies have publicly announced this. Why is The Sun targeting only the Nintendo 3DS? Is it because it’s glasses-free? Those glasses don’t exactly ‘save’ your eyes either, they just filter the images on screen so that you can see the content; the eyes still have to work between ‘accommodation’ and ‘vergence’. Also, GAME, Gamestation, and certain other 3DS retailers allow the public to try the system out for themselves before they buy it to see if they can see the 3D effect, and even then, you can just turn the 3D off to enjoy a game. Whatever happened to common sense? People wanting a refund because they can’t see the 3D? Do said people walk into Comet and demand a refund when they can’t see the 3D effects whilst watching a 3D programme with the 3D glasses on?

    The Sun needs to shut up and troll something else. It’s a crappy paper anyway.


  4. Paul says:

    Everytime I see the lead pic for this article I have to laugh out loud. He looks like a proper slapstick. Lol


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