SEGA Unveil New Sonic Teaser Trailer

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of that blue hedgehog most of us have grown up with, Sonic! After much speculation, SEGA have released a teaser trailer of the all new Sonic title which is scheduled for release this year! As seen in the trailer, we have modern Sonic, who joins up with classic Sonic and they continue to run alongside each other. It has not been revealed what the name of this new game is called, but it is rumoured to have the title Sonic Generations, which from watching the trailer of the modern and classic SEGA mascot, would make sense.

However, it is dissapointing at the end of the video, the only consoles listed are Xbox 360 and PS3, which suggests that there is no release for Nintendo. In time I’m sure more will be revealed on the topic.

What do you think of the video? Would you like to see a Nintendo release?

3 Responses to “SEGA Unveil New Sonic Teaser Trailer”
  1. ManiLink says:

    Very upset Nintendo is not mentioned. 3DS plus Sonic would be amazing. Hopefully it is a mash up of the best 20 levels in Sonic’s long history – SEGA can’t mess this one up can they?


  2. Very nice, I just love that 16bit SSSSEEEEGGGGAAAAA at the start. Makes me all warm inside. 🙂


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