Kapow Comic Con 2011

London Business Design Centre, Angel, London, England

I was late into the convention due to my girlfriend not having the precision military timing that I have.  So I rocked up about an hour late.  The initial queue looked pretty depressing as it curled around some back streets, but it moved pretty quick and I was inside in no time.

Because I like a rant, I’ll make my first point.  The ticket system was good, scanned straight in, but I’m not a massive fan of hand-stamps for re-entry.  Kapow, for next year I’d invest in some wristbands.  They work great at MCM and music festivals and it’s also an added bonus for those who’ve bought weekend tickets.  When I left the convention hall later on to get some cash, I ended up coming at the ticket checker from the wrong side and he still stamped my hand anyway.  I could have just walked straight in from the outside.

The first area you enter is the IGN gaming arena, where demos of Operation Flashpoint: Red River and Dirt 3 were taking place.  There was also a 3DS gaming area with several 3DS’s set up.  I don’t think that any had the wifi on for easy streetpass hits though.

At the top of the stairs is the stall area, where some truly epic creators/writers/general talent were sat around to answer questions and sign anything presented to them.  I happened to wander past Clint Langley (legend) and as he finished a sketch of Slaine, he handed it to me.  My girlfriend laughed as I babbled something in way of thanks.  I’ve been a fan of his for years.

There’s a pretty diverse selection of stalls and sellers, but as usual I was saddened to see nothing that I couldn’t buy in their shops on a regular day.  A Place in Space had a good selection of limited comic covers and it was good to look at several smaller publishing houses’ wares.  I picked up some very cheap DVDs from the Manga UK stand, but everything else sales wise (apart from the small publication houses and minor presses) was pretty standard and offered no real incentive to buy there and carry it around all day.  I’d love to see offers from the likes of Forbidden Planet or Kapow Limited Edition covers for comics.

Atlas Comics and London Horror Comic were the main two stalls that caught my eye, along with the artists Despop and Huy Truong.

I received 10 hits on the Streetpass Mii Plaza in the first hour or so, which I didn’t clear and when I did I forgot to use puzzle quest and the dungeon games, so I lost access to the new Miis in those.  Then I got another eight whilst hanging around in queues for panels later on.  I received hits in Super Street Fighter IV all day, and thanks to my tactical genius, I won 80% of.  Those that beat me, you were lucky.  I now have 366/500 figures, will hopefully finish the collection tomorrow.  Is there any way of seeing win percentages past your last 20 in the log?

I got the lovely @dudettecolette and @ZOMGitsBC Miis’ but didn’t get to catch a photo or a chat with them as we always seemed to be on different levels when I saw them.

I attended two panels that day, and spent a few hours queuing for them.  As there were only 500 seats for both the Green Lantern and the Thor panels, they were much sought after.  The queue for the Thor panel, the last one of the day, went round the entire upper walkway of the centre.

The Green Lantern panel was simply epic.  We got to watch the premier of all 80 mins of the animated Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, which isn’t released until June and also watch the 9 mins of Green Lantern that were shown at Wondercon.  The room was stifling hot and if I was less of a soldier I’d complain.

The Thor panel was nearly as epic.  They showed 20 mins from the middle of Thor, which hasn’t been seen anywhere outside of the cast and crew, and then two smaller scenes from the movie, followed by an Q&A with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki).  The movie looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

Overall an impressive first day from Kapow, I can’t wait to see it improve and grow in the future.  Was also a huge success for random 3DS Streetpass hits, as long as you remember to constantly clear them down and use them in the Mii plaza and other games.  I lost a couple of SSFIV matches as they dropped off the bottom of the 20 match log before I could watch them.

You’ll know you got hit up by my Mii because he would have told you to fear the ninja, and if you were lucky enough to find me again, you’ll be given the equally useful piece of advice to fear the shadows.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow and the unknown movie X showing.

Follow me on twitter @StealthBuda if you wish to know what I’m up to during the day and try and find me if you want to be schooled in SSFIV streetpass.


4 Responses to “Kapow Comic Con 2011”
  1. Wow, great review of the day. Feel as if I was there (had I not had to work I would have been!). I am real jealous of all the StreetPasses I missed out on. Thanks again for letting us know about the day.


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