Kapow Comic Con 2011 – Final Day

London Business Design Centre, Angel, London, England

Kapow Day 2 for me was a slightly less frantic affair.  I arrived earlier so the queue was slightly larger, but once in it felt like there were less people than the day before, even later on.  Where I had been fighting through crowds at the stalls on the Saturday, I could easily weave in and out on the Sunday.

There were a lot more cosplayers though, probably due to the Cosplay Competition on the IGN stand at the end of the day.

After touring around the venue picking up my first lot of streetpass hits, I joined the queue for the Walking Dead and Falling Skies panel.  We got to see the premier of the first episode of Falling Skies, the post alien invasion resistance show created by Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg.  It was impressive and I’m looking forward to watching the whole show.

I remembered to clear my streetpass hits this time, and over the day collected thirty-five streetpass hits, most of them new.  I only received ten SSFIV fights though even though most Mii’s told me they had been playing it recently.  One Mii also told me he had been playing Samurai Warriors, but he didn’t have streetpass enabled on it, so I didn’t get to have my first Samurai Warriors streetpass battle.  He fails.  He’s on the list.

A friend of mine heard from some press girls that the secret movie was going to be Super, also given away by the signs saying that Movie X was going to be an 18, so we decided that rather than queue for the rest of the day, we would skip it and go to the X-Men panel.

The X-Men panel, while displaying some images of future covers, didn’t really reveal very much.  The panel with X-Men Senior Editor Nick Lowe and writer Kieron Gillen was amusing though and it ended with them getting people to recite lines from an upcoming issue during the Q&A.

The Cosplay Competition had already started by the time the X-Men panel was done, though I managed to catch quite a few photos from the upper balcony and a photo with the winner Bane playing on my 3DS.

Overall a good second day, I can’t place why, but it felt deflated from the day before.  It might have been sleep deprivation, or the lack of epicness like Thor and Green Lantern previews, or just the smaller crowd.  I heard a few complaints about the why the Secret Movie X queue was handled, as well as how the signing queues were done, something I think Kapow need to look at next year.

It was a fantastic weekend, I’ll definitely be cosplaying next year, although for me it’s not cosplaying, it’s putting on my uniform.  Fear the ninja.

This review of the second day features less words, but more pictures.  We like pictures, so here they are.


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