1 Million Copies of Street Fighter IV 3D Sold

I heard today that Capcom have announced that they have sold 1 million copies of Super Street Fighter IV for 3DS worldwide. Or, 999,999 plus the copy I got on Saturday from Game. Where I got my first StreetPass too. Yay! (From a Game employee – does that count!?)

I had hesitated buying this originally. When I pre-ordered my 3DS I didn’t order any games, having been initially disappointed with the line up. But, with a week or so to go before launch, I made my choice from my the 2 only real options for me; Street Fighter or Pilotwings. There I was, 2 weeks after launch, and flying around WuHu Island’s been great, but I felt it was the right time to get online and join in the fight. Street Fighter IV was on the favourite game list of a few of my 3DS Friends, everyone was talking about it on Twitter and I had £30 cash burning a hole in my pocket. The game’s been number one in the 3DS game chart since launch too, so I think I was the only 3DS owner who wasn’t playing.

The figure collecting intrigued me too. And after a few days of playing I am enjoying it. Still can’t get those StreetPasses though, so am waiting to see how my team get on if I do ever meet someone. Hopefully I’ll get a chance when I go to the Gadget Show on Friday. I’ve been spending quite a few Play Coins on points too, so I can get some more figures.

I’m really enjoying the game. The 3D effect is great and pulling off the special moves is very satisfying. I have to say, I love the touchscreen controls though. There, I’ve said what I guess everyone is thinking, but is not meant to say. I used to have Street Fighter 2 on SNES, but was never any good and the complicated controls required to pull off the special moves meant I only managed the odd fireball. So, as an experienced gamer, I am proud to describe myself as a bit of a ‘newby’ when it comes to Street Fighter IV 3D Edition. I just need to get more practice in though so I can beat more people online. Only managed a couple of victories so far!

Add me as your friend with the code 0087-2284-1432 and let’s get it on!

5 Responses to “1 Million Copies of Street Fighter IV 3D Sold”
  1. Landiien says:

    This game has me pretty addicted and the figurine battles are a lot of fun despite the fact that you don’t control anything other than your team’s setup.

    As far as snagging some figurines, check out our recent post for some great passwords:

    Let’s duke it out sometime! My friend code is: 0001 – 3311 – 6618!


  2. mattygamer says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of fighters but I’ve been addicted to SSFIV ever since I got it.


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