Wii 2 Rumours Set the Internet Ablaze

Several reputable gaming websites including IGN are reporting that Nintendo is readying an unveiling of its next home console at this summers E3 Expo in June.  The past few days have been messy with rumours and details being corrected all over the place – but thanks to ‘gofreak’ on NeoGAF here is what hasn’t been debunked so far.

Codename: “Project Cafe”

Controller: D-pad, L, R, two triggers, front facing camera, Standard definition but hi res 6″ single touch screen. If that wasn’t enough the controller will allegedly incorporate some kind of sensor bar technology. 


  • Custom triple-core PowerPC
  • AMD/ATI GPU. ‘Probably’ derived from R700 series
  • RAM unknown
  • Developer quotes: graphics capabilities “roughly equal to those of the Xbox 360”, performance “over the Xbox 360, but just a notch”

There also seems to be one ‘huge surprise’ bout the system that is unknown and recent reports indicate that EA, Ubisoft and Activision have had development kits for months.  Pikmin 3 is also rumoured to be moved to ‘Wii2’ as well as rumblings that Nintendo is once again trying to court Rockstar games to support the console.

This all sounds a lot like the crazy and outrageous rumours that we saw during the lead up to the Wii when it was codenamed revolution.  It’s certainly exciting but also a little worrying as I really don’t want a touch screen controller unless it has haptic feed back.

Another thing that I find curious is that Dragon Quest has still not reared it’s head for the Wii. Will this be a launch game for the Wii2 instead? Will Skyward Sword release on the same day as Wii2? We have exciting times ahead of us! With the 3DS and now the thought of a new HD powerful Wii, it is an incredible time to be a Nintendo gamer!

7 Responses to “Wii 2 Rumours Set the Internet Ablaze”
  1. I am personally crying our for Pikmin 3. Wondering how other fans feel, as we all kind of believed Nintendo would be bringing it to the Wii. I am not to surprised as Miyamoto suggested the game would benefit from HD graphics.


    • ManiLink says:

      Yeh I recall him saying that – now you mention it. I personally am not a big Pikmin fan – I have played through all of the first and some of the second – but something really needs to change to get me back in. Having a screen on the controller may work REALLY well got Pikmin – as you can easily keep an eye on two or more groups performing different tasks across the map. Managing Pikmin will be far easier, so maybe that might be the big draw for me. Pikmin 1 and 2 had fairly photo realistic backdrops – so I’m sure in HD it will look super fantastic. 🙂


  2. ktx8 says:

    Just an update: According to gaming site IGN, ‘sources’ have now confirmed that the new Nintendo controller for the Wii 2 (codename Project Café) allows players to “stream entire games to the device from the console”. It has also been confirmed that the size of the screen on the controller is 6 inches. It is unclear whether the controller will function as a type of small portable games system or not, as no details have actually been confirmed by any official Nintendo spokesperson. In the past Nintendo have released a home console every 5 years (Wii in 2006), which suggests that a lot more of the Wii 2 will be revealed shortly…


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  2. […] Wii 2 rumours set the internet ablaze. (nintendoscene.com) […]


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