Distracted by StreetPass at Gadget Show Live

On Friday morning I turned on my 3DS, confirmed my Street Fighter IV 3D team and activated StreetPass and set off to Gadget Show Live on a very hot sweaty train full of gadget geeks, including a couple of mates from work. We arrived right on time for the opening and went straight into the Gaming Zone to be confronted by a Game store, turned left and found ourselves waiting for a turn on the first of many 3D Playstation 3 games available for play testing at the event. Then, after only being in there for a few minutes, I received my first 4 StreetPasses of the day.

This is pretty much how the rest of the day went. There was some amazing tech on display; from the likes of Samsung (amazing new 3D TV’s), LG (3D TV’s – not quite as good, sorry), Sony (3D TV’s) and Panasonic (3D TV’s). Yep, you’re right; there was a lot of 3D to be seen. Including the Nintendo 3DS stand (see below). We saw new Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 titles ‘Duke Nukem Forever’, ‘Gears of War 3’, Mortal Kombat (on a massive screen) and ‘Crysis 2’, which included an amazing one-man pod that you could get inside and try out in order to be fully immersed in the game. Didn’t get a go on that one though.

There were numerous radio controlled toys to see racing around stunt tracks, robot lawn mowers, in-car audio systems and cars to check out, someone pretending to be the Stig and plenty of music systems, docks and headphones available to plug into my iPhone. I had a photo taken with R2-D2 from the recent Curry’s PC World TV adverts and also watched the team from Gadget Show Live on stage, giving away some great prizes. The retro section was also great; featuring Gameboys, Mega Drives, Commodore 64s and Spectrums to try out. Some of the kids there were very impressed! The big thing was certainly 3D though; movies, TV and games everywhere.

I was distracted for most of the day though. I had thought in advance that the Gadget Show Live would be a good place to get some StreetPasses on my 3DS, having only received one before then from my local Game store. I spent the day checking my 3DS for the little glowing light on the top right hand corner, and almost every time I pulled it from my pocket there it was. I clocked up 15 passes in the day in total. I lost 3 figure battles on Street Fighter IV and managed to complete the first puzzle picture, collected quite a number of more pieces for other images and I advanced 4 rooms in the StreetPass Quest, mostly as I was walking about; I’m surprised I didn’t walk into anyone. I only saw a couple of people with a 3DS’ walking around, as well as one chap a couple of seats along from me in the audience for the live show, envious of the completed 3D Zelda puzzle that Rob was checking out whilst we waited for the show to start.

The Nintendo 3DS booth was great. I joined the long queue that snaked all the way around the edge and after 10 mins or so walked inside. They had classic Nintendo handheld’s in cabinets in the corridor and then multiple 3DS’ around the corner, each featuring some different games and some people demonstrating them, ensuring you push the 3D slider right up to max, and some showing off the AR Game cards. I had the opportunity to try some games that I hadn’t had the chance to play yet; Ridge Racer (impressed), Rayman (looks like it could be fun), PES 2011 (nice 3D effect) and Monkey Ball (not fussed) and found myself listening to others reactions too. I heard a lot of impressed people, as well as a number of others expressing their concerns over the 3D effect and how they could understand how it could hurt their eyes. They had a ‘over 16s’ only corner with Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon, as well as some artwork teasing forthcoming releases such as Zelda. I also liked Nintendo’s idea to subtly place laptops around the last corner, prompting people to log into Facebook to tell their friends about their time with the 3DS.

So, a great day in general and something I certainly think I’ll be attending again next year. As far as Nintendo goes, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed though. It was a good thing I did have my 3DS with me to keep my mind on Nintendo; there just wasn’t enough to see from them. With the numerous Xbox’s at the Game stand (Lego Pirates of the Caribbean) to PS3 3D games on the Sony and Panasonic stands, as well as the over 18’s only tent in the Gaming Zone (no Nintendo in there obviously(!)), simply having the 3DS stand just wasn’t enough for me. It was great, as I said, and obviously I do own one, but where were the Wii games? I knew it would be too much to expect Skyward Sword, but didn’t Game want to sell an Wii’s by having some to play on? Lego games are on there, too after all.

From what we hear, the new Nintendo home console (Wii 2? I’m not so sure) will not feature 3D; something I can’t help but think is mistake considering the amount of 3D on offer this year, particularly gaming from Sony, that was clearly the biggest thing at the show. We’ll have to wait and see what is revealed at e3 this year, and maybe next year at TGL.

4 Responses to “Distracted by StreetPass at Gadget Show Live”
  1. ktx8 says:

    Don’t worry I can’t even go to the supermarket without thinking about taking my 3DS with me for StreetPass! Shame there wasn’t more Nintendo stands at the Gadget Show though. As for the Wii2 not featuring 3D – I’m not sure it’s a bad thing, I can’t help but thinking that this 3D TV fad will fade soon and I’d rather Nintendo provide us with something different and new for the Wii2, seeing as we’ve already got our helping on 3D on the 3DS.


    • ManiLink says:

      I agree, but not because I see it as a 3DTV fad, but more because I really don’t think Nintendo would go from saying WOW no glasses 3D! and then ask you to put on glasses for the Wii2….Makes no sense….E3 is gonna be EPIC!!!!!! :O


    • I sell TVs as part of my job and I have to say demand is decreasing. I very rarely get a customer asking specifically for that feature. It’s seen as a nice plus but doesn’t make the deciding point. Then again it is becoming a startdard feature for all high end TVs which means it’ll no doubt filter down in time to all TVs. Nintendo needs to make the Wii 2 capable for giving out a 3D image. It wouldn’t be seen as serving Sony either as their good friends, Panasonic are investing heavily in 3D. Just saying Nintendo shouldn’t rule the option out.


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