Joint DS London/Ready Up MeetGaming The Social Network – London StreetPass Day Part 2

Location – Angel in the Fields Pub, nr Bond Street, London

Sunday 16th of April saw the biggest day for Nintendo’s 3DS streetpass since its launch.  The morning, covered by another Nintendo Scene writer, was by all accounts an epic demonstration of the power of the 3DS for social gatherings.  To me, it is what mobile gaming should be about.

I dream of a future where someone sees a group of gamers hanging around in a park, say in a mobile form of Super Smash Brothers on a portable console and asks to join.  Maybe an hour later some of the group leave to be replaced by others, and maybe within two hours, the group has completely changed and contains people who an hour before, might never have met.  To me, that’s mobile gaming.  Look at the popularity of events like Insomnia.  I used to carry around my entire PC unit to those events, back in the days when I had to use a fork-lift to move my monitor to the car, now, only a few years later guys and gals are rocking up with laptops powerful enough to play the latest games.

To get that amount of people in a park, on a random Saturday lunch time, is a great sign for the future of mobile gaming.  Me, I’ll be streetpassing from the edge of streetpass’ effective distance, maybe hiding round the corner, or under a shadow coz you know, while I like mobile gaming, I’m still not a fan of people.

I unfortunately couldn’t make it to the 3DS Streetpass London event, I attended the later Ready Up/DS London meet which was a much more social affair than just gaming.  It was my first time with the DS London crew, and they’re a very accepting/social bunch.  I’m terrible with names, so rather than get them wrong I’ll just refer randomly to the conversations I had.

Jo, who’s name I do remember runs the DS London group and we had a good 3DS chat.  He needs to get himself a 3DS and anyone who sees him should kick him and say that StealthBuda sent them, until he purchases a 3DS.

I didn’t parktake in any live 3DS gaming, just schooled a lot of people at Super Street Fighter IV streetpass.  If you’re lucky, I might even write an article on SSFIV streetpass tactics, as most of you are obviously in need of the advice.  I did in turn get schooled in my first Samurai Warriors streetpass battle.  You know who you are, you’re on the list.

The crowd did seem to have broken off into two distinct groups when I arrived at the pub, but I think that was more due to the pub set up rather than any social circles.  One table was heavily into its Street Fighter, while the other was taking on some old school Tetris download play.

I had to leave before the Ready Up crew arrived, but I did get to spend about half an hour reliving my gaming history with a fellow old schooler who remembers the rise of the console and concurs with my opinion that the Advanced SP looked like a make-up mirror.

I hope that the streetpass scene in London does continue to grow, and everyone owes it to themselves to get a 3DS and become a part of it.

If anyone thinks this is more of a collection of ramblings than a report of the DS London meet, then you need to seek advice before questioning a ninja.


9 Responses to “Joint DS London/Ready Up MeetGaming The Social Network – London StreetPass Day Part 2”
  1. Rajan Sian says:

    I SEE ME!!! im on the smaller table in the back :).


  2. Dan Renjel says:

    Why are my eyes closed, I don’t remember being in a zen-like gaming trance.

    I’d definitely recommend attending the DS:London meetups in the future. They were a really nice bunch of guys, who are seriously good at their Tetris multiplayer


  3. Joe Lee says:

    Hey guys
    This is Joe from DS London. Thanks for coming down! It was really good fun to see some new faces to our party. No doubt we shall have future events such as these!

    PS Mr Stealthbuda, I have got myself a 3ds. Come and get some if you think ya hard enuff! :p


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