Gaming The Social Network – London StreetPass Day Part 1

There was a time, a time where gaming was reserved for a small minority who would spend hours alone in their rooms, behind closed doors, whacking away on their controllers. You could say not much has changed, but there has definitely been a shift in the dynamics of gaming in recent years.

Nintendo have been pushing the emphasis on social gaming for years now and with the release of their new handheld the 3DS, which includes features for players to play each other and swap information between their units, that idea has never felt so natural. Since its release gamers the world over have been setting up their own 3DS meet ups to fully utilize these social features and last Saturday saw the second London street pass event. There was a fantastic turn out with over 30 people turning up with their 3DS’ and DS’ to challenge each other and meet the real faces behind the Mii’s they may have previously befriended. Obviously I had to show off my skills with a little one to one at Street Fighter before linking up with 3 others to play a few matches at Mario Kart DS, I’ve never hated the blue shell as much as I did then. It was really good to see and hear about other 3DS users reactions to the system and find out what it was they were most looking forward to in terms of the future of the system. But more importantly this is where Nintendo triumph as games developers. It can be great fun to sit at home playing with friends or indeed strangers online but it’s only when you take gaming to that more personal level where you can see the reactions of people you are playing against, when they get hit by a shell in Mario Kart or when both players are down to last ounce of health in Street Fighter not knowing who will get that last hit in, it’s an experience that just can’t be matched when your playing on your own.

The street pass feature can be a very hard feature to nail down because even in a busy city like London you could spend the whole day out and not encounter someone else with a 3DS or with street pass activated. However with events such as these it really does add a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment to a perhaps overlooked feature of the hand-held.

I for one had a great day and would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up and for all the support on the day. I think the last thing to say is, when will the next event be?

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5 Responses to “Gaming The Social Network – London StreetPass Day Part 1”
  1. Really hope everyone got what they wanted from the event.


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