Wii Prices Drop As ‘Wii2’ Rumours Continue

Remember last week it was suggested that in May, Nintendo would drop the price of the Wii down to $150? Well,  it came alot sooner, as not even a week since that was suggested, many US retailers have unofficially dropped their Wii. It was rumoured that the price drop was to happen in May, a month before the E3 Expo in June. It was said that in May the prices would drop by $50, but retailers have made a price drop of $30.

Best Buy, Amazon, Toys’ R’ Us, Target and Gamestop now all have a new price tag on the Wii. Retailers are now offering the reduced price on the white and black Wii bundles, whereas the red is still the same price. At Best Buy, your bundle includes the Wii system, Wii motion-plus remote, Wii nunchuk, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, now all at a whopping $169.99. Gamestop, has a slightly different bundle, which includes the Wii System, remote, nunchuk, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, a pre-owned copy of Michael Jackson The Experience and a DVD of Michael Jackson’s ‘This Is It’.

The price drop started amongst rumours that Nintendo are going to announce an all new console at or before E3. It is said that the alleged Wii2, codenamed ‘Project Café’, will have graphical capabilities that are comparable to the Xbox 360 and PS3. An entirely new controller for the Wii2, is said to feature a HD-capable touch screen.Not even a month has passed since the release of Nintendo’s 3DS, and us fans are getting eager and excited once more.

As for the Wii, if you haven’t yet invested in one since its release  in 2006, now is the best time to grab one. As for the rest of us, what does this price drop really mean?

5 Responses to “Wii Prices Drop As ‘Wii2’ Rumours Continue”
  1. John Adams says:

    can’t wait, now finally nintendo can cater to the hardcore market. I wonder if the new zelda skywards sword will be a wii 2 launch title?


  2. wii ombouwen says:

    I cannot wait till wii2 is released. I heard it will be in 2012. Nintendo has a lot to prove I think. Hope they can make it with their new console, because a lot of people are choosing Xbox Kinect at the moment. Damn shame…


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