Retro Developing New Title For Wii2?

Retro Studies, the studio behind Metroid Prime and the new Donkey Kong Country Returns, are apparently hard at work developing a new title  for Nintendo’s upcoming console ‘Project Café’. When asked what they were working on, they simply stated “What everyone wants us to do”.The news apparently came from two insiders at Retro Studios in Austin, who said that the firm were amongst the first to receive Wii 2 development kits. What could that mean? In August, the Metroid series turns 25. Could a new Metroid be announced at E3 to co-incide with its upcoming anniversary? Who knows!

In other Wii2 rumour news, Nintendo are apparently trying to get Rockstar to develop titles for the new console. Rockstar are famous for the Grand Theft Auto series of games. If Rockstar sign on to develop with Nintendo, this would be a massive deal. At the moment, Rockstar are already developing Grand Theft Auto 5. Could we see that being the first GTA game being released on the Wii2? We will have to wait and see.

6 Responses to “Retro Developing New Title For Wii2?”
  1. ktx8 says:

    A new Metroid game?? Of course I’m up for that! I wonder what new unannounced Wii2 technology it could use..


    • ManiLink says:

      I think they are done with Metroid. I reckon they will be making the new Star Fox – a second bat at making it an immersive adventure game – with cover shooting mechanics and zero gravity sections. I think Retro has done all they can with Metroid – but their artistic vision is one that will lend well to creating new alien worlds for Fox and his companions to explore. I hope for some awesome combat too. The Star Fox characters are so cool in smash brothers. I think that bringing that to a fully fleshed out 3D world would be incredible. Almost like Metroid: Other M.

      Rockstar did make Manhunt 2, Bully, Table Tennis and GTA chinatown wars – So it wouldn’t surprise me.
      On GTA5. I would think that it could happen as 2K want lots of money – but I don’t envision any innovative wii2 features, just a decent port of the PS3 and 360 versions.

      To be honest I think a lot of the big players in the industry were annoyed that Nintendo didn’t have the powerful console so they couldn’t release their multi-format hits – having a more even playing field – will bring those developers and their IP back. Compared to the days of the GameCube a lot more titles are on multiple formats – so I think the ‘war of the exclusives’ mantra of the Cube, Xbox, PS2 era is long gone. I expect a lot of support for this console.


  2. Paul says:

    GTA for a Nintendo home console will put them on another level. Nintendo are back.


  3. Anonymous says:

    make an awsome metroid multiplayer game for wii u. and will you also fix my wii it is on its death bed and I don’t want to lose it I have yet to beat metroid prime or metroid prime echoes.


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