Megaman Legends 3 Beta for 3DS eShop Launch

Capcom have released a new trailer of Megaman 3 Legends.  The game is unique in that it is being co-developed by Capcom fans and comes in the form of a 3D, sandbox, action game with a focus on close combat.  A sneak peak of the game will be available to all 3DS owners when Nintendo opens its digital download service (The e-shop) when it finally turns on the blinking blue light on 3DS systems worldwide sometime in May.  It will be very interesting to see an almost single player beta of a video game with all the bugs and glitches present, especially in comparison to its final retail release.  As any beta, testers will be able to give their feedback to capcom and the community here and hopefully help improve the game in substantial ways before it hits store shelves.

What most intrigues me about this news is that it is the first display of a demo of a full retail game.  I hope Nintendo and third parties take advantage of this.  The ability to play a demo of an upcoming  3DS game is very exciting. Capcom has inserted a demo of Resident Evil: Revelations on the same cartridge as Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, but lets hope that Capcom will use the e-shop to preview games to the 3DS audience in the future as they are doing so with Mega Man Legends 3.

3 Responses to “Megaman Legends 3 Beta for 3DS eShop Launch”
  1. Oh my days.. What a way to kick off the opening of the eShop.


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