Dublin StreetPass A Success

Dublin’s first organised StreetPass event went ahead today in Dublin, meeting at HMV on Grafton Street and then moved to Stephen’s Green. Coming up from the small town of Portarlington in Laois, an hour train ride from Dublin, I was hoping that I would get at least one person to show up. Seeing one person would make my day. I arrived at HMV at 11.45, went inside, bought Star Wars and Scott Pilgrim, then decided I would stand outside and bask in the sun for afew minutes before 12. I had just openned up my 3DS and all of a sudden I heard this woman say “excuse me, are you Orla?”. I replied with a smile, “Yes I am”. And here was my first StreetPass attendee, I thought with relief. But I thought wrong. This woman, whos name is Jennifer, had actually brought her nine year old son Brendan along, as it was he that owned a 3DS. We got each others our StreetPass hits, delighted that I got my first hit, and he got his first too. It just hit 10 past 12 and we decided we would head over to Stephen’s Green and see if we got more hits and see if we would meet any more 3DS users. I had shared the Nintendo Scene link on www.boards.ie and this is where Jennifer caught wind of the event.

As we walked towards Stephen’s Green and I got chatting to Jennifer and Brendan, I was amazed that even though there was a difference in their age gap, both were so enthusiastic about the world of Nintendo. Both Jennifer and her husband have DS’s, and Brendan is a big Pokémon fan. As we got to Stephen’s Green, along came Chris Rooke, a fellow twitter user I occasionally chat to on twitter, who found out about the event from tweets from Nintendo Scene and myself. Another big Nintendo fan, Chris also writes regular blogs for Official Nintendo Magazine. Now that I had also obtained Chris’s Mii, I had more pieces for my StreetPass Puzzle and Quest! The four of us spent quite a while discussing Pokémon, and this is where I realised that Brendan wasn’t just a big Pokémon fan, but a hardcore fan! I was amazed listening to him discuss the different Pokémon, their moves, weaknesses and how far through his Pokédex he is. Nine years of age, and his mother told me and Chris how he had cleared Pokémon Black and White in Japenese! Who needs a guide, this little dude knows his stuff!

It had turned 1.15 and we were heading back towards HMV, just to see if anybody hung around. We stood outside HMV for about five minutes discussing the different 3DS games and that we thought there would be a bit more of a turnout today at the event, when a head popped into the conversation and asked us were we here for the StreetPass event! Our new troop also went by the name of Chris. Five of us now, four with 3DS’s. Unfortunatly we didn’t have any 3DS games to race or battle with, but we all had our Pokémon Black and White cartridges. This worked out perfectly as we now could try out a multi-battle, two on two! First round was myself and Chris Rooke against the other Chris and Brendan. All our Pokémon were pretty much at the same level (apart from the other Chris’s level 21 Tranquill), so the battle went ahead! Chris Rooke and myself were the better team for the first round. Brendan’s mother and Chris made us feel bad about beating a nine year old, but believe me, Brendan got his revenge! Second battle commenced and it was Brendan and Chris R against me and Chris. Not only was I demolished by Brendan, but so were both Chris R and the other Chris! His own team mate! It was “for his own good!”. We parted ways, said our goodbyes, and plan to hopefully get another StreetPass event going again.

For me it was a very eventful day. I know there was just the five of us, not as glam as the other events taking place around the globe, but it was a brilliant opportunity to meet other Nintendo fans. I want to thank them so much for taking the time to attend today, and I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did, they are the nicest bunch of people I have met. I would love to meet with them again, and at the next event I hope to see more of you there!

7 Responses to “Dublin StreetPass A Success”
  1. ktx8 says:

    Good to hear you had a nice day! Let’s hope Ireland will be having some more 3DS StreetPass events soon then 🙂


  2. Great one. Glad it went well. And just goes to show, 3DS StreetPass is a great achievement for the gaming industry in bringing people together in having fun.


    • ManiLink says:

      I love how streetpass is almost that kind of interaction without interaction which is all the rage with Twitter and Facebook – but if you choose to you can meet the people behind the avatars or Miis in this case! 🙂 Looks like you had a good time! It is the one thing that sets apart Nintendo gamers from any other. Nintendo fans seek out other Nintendo fans to share their passion. Nintendo has given us the perfect vehicle to meet and become a part of the Nintendo conversation. Love it! 🙂


  3. Michael says:

    ha, I actually walked by this today, might join next time


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