Wii Play: Motion To Come On June 24th

Wii Play was released back in December 2006, and has been a major success selling over 9 million copies in Europe, and over 26 million copies worldwide. Wii Play consisted of nine mini-games, including fishing and shooting. With the success of Wii Play, it is clear to see why Nintendo decided to spawn a sequel called Wii Play: Motion. This sequel will hit Europe on the 24th of June this year! In the U.S, Wii Play: Motion will be bundled with a black Wii Motion+ controller, while in Europe, it will be  bundled with a red Wii Motion+ controller.

Following in the footsteps as its predecessor, Wii Play: Motion will contain twelve mini-games, an extra three from Wii Play‘s nine. Each of these games can be played in single player or multi-player, allowing four people in total. Some of the mini-games you can expect to see are ‘Cone Zone’, where you tilt the controller to balance a cone holding a certain amount of ice-cream, or ‘Spooky Search, which uses the controllers speakers to locate ghosts that have scattered themselves around your living room. ‘Skip Skimmer’, another mini-game, where you skim stones across a lake, hoping the stone will make it through various rings to reach a target.

For me personally, this doesn’t sound too appealing. I’ve had my fair share of mini-games with Wii Sports, bundled with my Wii, and Wii Sports Resort. I do however like the red Wii Motion+ bundled with the game. This could be a great summer hit for the Wii, but who knows how it will sell being released a week after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS. Also, it comes two weeks after the E3 expo in L.A at the start of June, where Nintendo are show-casing their new home console.

Has this game come at a bad time? Is it slightly dated?

3 Responses to “Wii Play: Motion To Come On June 24th”
  1. Kelly says:

    Meh, just seems boring to me. The Wii Play multiplayer games were good to play with my parents who couldn’t deal with anything more complicated. xD But I’ll definitely give this a miss and wait for news on the new console. 😀


    • nintymadden says:

      Would possibly be giving this a miss myself, although I like the red controller, therefore it would be my fourth and final. But I’ll be waiting for Skyward Sword myself. Being the next big Wii title. And possibly a Wii Motion+ bundle too? Perhaps a special Zelda Wii-mote? Hmmmmm….. 😀


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  1. […] So far none of the developers who were involved have been disclosed but Nintendo have promised to release the details of each game’s distinctive development process in the future. Wii Play: Motion will be released on the 24th June. […]


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