Miyamoto Talks 3DS And Wii2

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Shigeru Miyamoto discussed future plans at Nintendo, possible The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past 3DS remake, and rumours surrounding Nintendo‘s next home console. Miyamoto is widely known for his creation of Nintendo‘s mascot, Mario, alongside Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda and Pikmin.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS will hit European shelves on June 17th, one of the most anticipated games of 2011. Miyamoto was asked why choose this particular game to get a 3D update:

We thought the world of Hyrule would be more immersive for the players to experience in 3D and also the horse riding and the thrill of exploring would be heightened.

Questioned of the changes that had been made, he answered:

The touch screen allows users to place items where they want and also to display the map. It uses the 3DS gyro sensor to fire Link’s bow and arrow and his slingshot, too. This can be difficult with a controller, but more intuitive moving the 3DS around to aim.

Those of you that got some hands on experience with Ocarina of Time 3D would have witnessed the change in using the slingshot. It’s quite similar to Face Raiders, the built in software on our 3DS’, where you twist and turn, up and down to hit your target.

Since the announcement of Ocarina of Time 3D, plenty have been pondering of other possible 3DS remakes, and as I know right now that plenty of us have our wishlist’s made out!

A Link To The Past
A Link To The Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past could be a possibilty according to Miyamoto. He was asked if Nintendohave plans to adapt older games for the 3DS:

Not really. We would like to create more new titles. For example, this year we are making Super Mario 3D, but it’s not really a remake of [the Wii’s Super Mario] Galaxy. The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past could be one of them. I think it would be good to see that world with a layered 3D effect.

Yes please Miyamoto! A Link To The Past was first released in 1991, and was the third installment in The Legend Of Zelda series. One of the best selling SNES games, selling over 4 million copies, it has also had a remake on GBA and for the Wii’s Virtual Console.

The last couple of weeks has seen the internet swarmed with rumours of Nintendo‘s next home console, Wii2, also nicknamed Project Café. High Definition, an LCD display screen on the controller and mountains of other crazy assumptions have been driving the Nintendo community wild. So Nintendo finally revealed last week that a new console would be on show at the E3 expo in June, where all our waiting and wondering will be put to sleep. Can it compete with Xbox 360 and PS3? Miyamoto was asked what is their challenge to come up with something different regarding the new console:

I think when you talk about competing against others, the problem is that you refer to something that’s been done already and try to beat it. Rather than looking at what other companies are doing, the focus at Nintendo is on uniqueness. Providing new means of entertainment is the important thing.

Many people would agree with me on this, but if HD isn’t in this new console, it’s a big fail for Nintendo. More power and detailed graphics is a must, otherwise I don’t think they can compete with the other consoles on offer. Nintendo haven’t done this before, but I would like to see the next console allow us use DVDs, preferably Blu-Ray. Suppose time will tell, and in saying that, not much time to wait!

Gunpei Yokoi
Gunpei Yokoi

Lastly, Miyamotowas asked who had the biggest influence on his career, and he replied, ‘Gunpei Yokoi’.Gunpei Yokoi was a Japanese video games designer, who was the creator of the Game Boy and Game & Watch handheld systems. Yokoi was appointed to supervise Donkey Kong, the arcade game which Miyamoto had created. Yokoi explained the many details of game design to Miyamoto in the early stages of his career, and Yokoi brought Miyamoto’s game ideas to the President of Nintendo’s attention, and so the Donkey Kong project was approved. He continued to work with Miyamoto on various projects including Mario Bros., where he convinced Miyamoto to give Mario superhuman abilities. The Virtual Boy was another of his creations, but was a big failure. He also produced Metroid and Kid Icarus. It’s easy to see why Gunpei Yokoi had an nfluence on Miyamoto’s career! Sadly enough, Yokoi passed away due to a car accident in 1997.

What do you make of this interview? Can Nintendo’s next home console compete with what’s already on the market? Will there be more remakes for the 3DS?

7 Responses to “Miyamoto Talks 3DS And Wii2”
  1. ktx8 says:

    I think Miyamoto is right – Nintendo isn’t a company that tries to compete alongside Microsoft and Sony, they are more interested in creating something innovative yet fun, and they do that extremely well.

    On the topic of more 3DS remakes, I think Link to the Past in 3D would look spectacular! I absolutely love that game – more so maybe than Ocarina of Time. It encompassed the true Zelda spirit for me, although I can’t help thinking that sometimes a classic SNES game like Link to the Past belongs only on the SNES…


    • mattygamer says:

      In reply to your first post; Yes, innovation is important for the industry to help offer new experiences and keep the industry from drying up and losing interest. However, Nintendo really need to add horsepower to Project Café. If the 360 or PS3 has more power/graphical power then Nintendo are going to receive a battering from gamers and a rough time from the press.

      It needs to be able to stand up against the PS4 and Xbox 720 or appeal to third party developers. Or Project Café will end up being starved of big 3rd party games.


  2. Dan says:

    The next console needs to be at least as powerful as the 360 and ps3 to be competitive. Nintendo has always been about innovation, especially with control pad design, but there’s no reason why they can’t have a powerful console with something innovative.

    I can’t see Nintendo including blu-ray compatibility as they would have to pay a licensing fee to Sony, which adds an unnecesary cost to them and us and also funds their rivals.

    I’m not sure of remakes for the 3DS, but I’d love to see a monster hunter title.


    • nintymadden says:

      Yes I can’t see Blu-Ray being included, but the thought of it is nice!

      Some remakes I would love to see, but more excited for newer games being released in the future. And yes, a Monster Hunter title would be pretty sweet!


  3. Miyamoto,- “.. it would be good to see that world with a layered 3D effect”. layered 3D effect!!! Yes please!.. Reworked textures, new sprites with some beautiful deep 3D. Bring it on.


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