Why I Care About Wii Play: Motion… And You Should Too!

Oh great… Another compilation of mini games. And this one is a sequel to a tech demo that, let’s face it, we all only bought for the free remote. You should probably skip this one. Why should you buy it? Especially when it’s being released in the same month as Ocarina of Time on 3DS.

But wait, don’t dismiss this one so soon. It has recently been revealed that it had a very unique, and awesome, development process. Satoru Iwata explained:

“In this title, you can enjoy a variety of 12 games which are available only with Wii Remote Plus. Several video game developing companies Nintendo has worked with competitively created the games for this title. The development process was very unique: we collected some good ideas of utilizing Wii Remote Plus from developing companies, we asked a developing company to complete a promising prototype game that we had created in-house in the experimental stage, and our in-house development team even helped with some development. We are going to disclose the development process of each distinctive game in the future.”

Wait, so you got developers to create their own little mini game? With them competing with each other to make the best game? That… sounds… amazing! That’s really exciting. If each developer has tried to outdo each other then we could get some amazing Mini-Games with each developer trying to make sure their game is the absolute best that it could be. So maybe you should consider buying one last mini-game compilation? This one could well be the best.

So far none of the developers who were involved have been disclosed but Nintendo have promised to release the details of each game’s distinctive development process in the future. Wii Play: Motion will be released on the 24th June.

One Response to “Why I Care About Wii Play: Motion… And You Should Too!”
  1. ktx8 says:

    I’m interested to find out exactly what developers had some input into this – if it has anything to do with Level-5 then I’ll be certainly interested! Come on Iwata, spill it.


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