London Streetpass – 01 May 11

A park, In front of the London Eye, London, England

The sun ploughed slowly across the English sky (and all other skies that were available to it at the time, but the only one I was interested in was the one that I was under) as I stepped, slightly sleep deprived out of Waterloo station.  I was fed and caffeinated and then unimpressed as I walked though a food market just past Waterloo as I wished I had waited out for lunch.

Because navigation is my bread and butter, I found the park pretty easily, it’s the one in front of the giant Ferris wheel, then recalling that the Streetpass London event page on Facebook had stated they would be beside the playground I headed off towards the slide and swings and stuff.  I arrived slightly late, so the group was pretty easy to spot (they were the group sitting around with their 3DS’ out).  I recognised a couple of chaps from the DS London meet a few weeks before and established myself in my position of choice (facing the group, back to no one. Standard Ninja Procedure number six) and the Mii hits began.

There were around twenty in the group when I arrived, so I had to make a couple of jaunts through the Mii plaza for the quest and puzzle swap.  Some Mii’s were pretty lazy and weren’t activated until an hour or so later, but I was kept pretty busy for the first hour as more people arrived and I battled through my ever increasing Super Street Fighter IV Streetpass battles log.  The only person to beat me that day, out of twenty Streetpass battles was PunkDuck and we chatted about our Streetpass tactics.  He filled in a couple of blanks in my knowledge and a Super Street Fighter IV Streetpass battles guide will be published by me on Nintendo Scene this week.

I also got another two Samurai Warriors: Chronicles Streetpass battles under my belt.  I took what I learnt from my last two defeats and dominated both fights.  Another streetpasser who says they fought me claims to have beaten me, but I didn’t get his battle on my 3DS, so I don’t accept his claim.

After a little while, the group (thinking like ninja’s) moved into the shade at the side of the park and began taking part in Download Play Bomberman and Tetris games.  I was unable to play in either of these, or any proper Street Fighter battles because of a thumb injury sustained the day before, ninja’ing can be dangerous work kids.

The lovely Collette arrived in time to leave for some food and miss the group photo, so another was arranged before everyone departed, just for her.

Overall tally sat at 26 Mii hits, 20 Street Fighter Streetpass Battles, 2 Samurai Warriors Streetpass Battles.

It was interesting to hear the player’s desire for future games and Streetpass options, as well as the need for more multiplayer games.  With the popularity of download play an updated version of Bomberman and the upcoming 3DS version of Mario Kart are sure to be big sellers.

Photo’s below detail much of the event and I look forward to the next one.

As always, fear the ninja.


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  1. Really truly an awesome StreetPass Event photo here. London know’s how to StreetPass.


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