Nintendo Of America President discusses the Wii Price Drop and Wii2 too!

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, has recently been discussing Nintendo’s s Project Cafe, which is the internal codename for the forthcoming successor to the Wii. The console has been confirmed to be revealed at e3 next month. He also explained why Nintendo have dropped the RRP of the Wii.

Reggie said that the reduction in price is “an important move”. “This is only the second price reduction for Wii hardware since we launched back in November 2006. And in the last home console cycle, the leading system at the time sold almost 50 percent of its volume at a price point of $149 or below.”

With the new console launch planned for 2012, the NOA President stated “When we launch our new home system sometime in 2012 we think the consumer buying in will look very different than the consumer who’s going to be buying a Wii now. What we’ve seen in this business is that there are certain consumers who love being first – they have to have the absolute latest hardware – and there are other consumers that are perfectly happy to wait until the game library is much more robust and they have a wider range of options.”

I know that I am certainly that first type of consumer; with the Wii coming to the end of it’s live with a place under my TV, I personally will be first in the pre-order line for the new Nintendo console. As I have been with all systems released since the N64. Skyward Sword will ensure my Wii remains active for at least some of the time of course. I do wonder who the other type of consumers are though; I don’t think that there can be many people left who haven’t already bought a Wii that will now due to the price drop? Of course there are plenty of options when it comes to the Wii’s game library, but with little more titles to follow I can’t see that the price drop is going to be enough to entice any more newcomers.

Wii sales are of course declining, as Reggie also commented on. “Typically a system peaks in the second year of availability and then gradually declines. Wii was fortunate to have a number of very strong selling years in its 3rd and 4th year of availability. And from our perspective, the curve that we’re on is natural and to be expected but importantly, the sales curve is higher than any other system.”

I do like Mr Fils-Aime’s theory behind the timing of the price drop too. “There are a lot of households where kids will be off from school and the parents are either looking for celebratory presents as the children finish the school year or they’re looking for a fun exercise to keep the kids busy and happy during the summer time frame. We think there is a wide range of consumers that are wanting to purchase a Wii and what they have been waiting for is this type of announcement.”.

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  1. Femke says:

    Well, you can use the Virtual console on the Wii to dwnalood games. They have Contra and all (I think) of the old Mario games. N64 games are 1000 points ($ 10), SNES games cost 800 ($ 8), and NES is 500 ($ 5). They have some other non-Nintendo systems too, but I don’t know how much the games cost.After a few games, you might run low on the Wii’s internal memory and need to store games on an SD card But if you want old school games on your console without using a hack or buying a bunch of systems or a collection, then you might try getting a Wii.EDIT: I think what you’re talking about is a mod/hack that you hook up to your Wii (don’t really know how it works) and you dwnalood ROMs from your computer to play on your Wii. The homebrew channel, maybe?


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