Samurai Warriors: Chronicles Weekly Spotpass DLC

Yesterday (13 May 11) Samurai Warriors: Chronicles got its first Spotpass DLC. Koei say this will happen weekly for the next twenty-one weeks.

These free pieces of downloadable content will consist of new weapons and scenarios.

All you have to do to get them is enable Spotpass in the Network menu of your Samurai Warriors: Chronicles game.

I received a message saying that I had received the DLC today when I turned on my 3DS, but I can’t seem to find the content anywhere and searching the net it appears many others can’t either.

Soon after the game’s release The Battle for Arioka Castle stage was made available via Spotpass. I’ve had the game since its release and I didn’t receive it and neither did many others. Some say that they levels are unlocked as you progress through the game, meeting certain criteria, others say you have to receive them, other rumours suggest that they’re only available in Japan. With no official word or guidance from Koei, who’s to know.

Please comment here if you have the map DLC or know what yesterday’s DLC was.


7 Responses to “Samurai Warriors: Chronicles Weekly Spotpass DLC”
  1. ... says:

    Idk maybe Conflict at Yanagawa? not sure what the DLC really was, but.. can’t seem to find it too.


  2. Wisdom1 says:

    I too recieved a weapon through spot pass, it says it supposed to be a powerful weapon, but with no upgrades so its good for combining. Cant seem to find it though. Im thinking maybe its a certain characters weapon but I checked all I have and nothing.


  3. you have to go to network > battles and battle the spotpass team, after the fight itll say theres a new weapon, go to the acquire weapon screen (under network as well) and select the weapon you want to ge, do a regular battle, after the battle youll have the weapon

    *Doesnt matter if you win or lose the fight against the spotpass team, you’ll unlock the weapon either way.


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