Samurai Warriors: Chronicles DLC Update

Previously I announced a Samurai Warriors: Chronicles DLC that was released last Friday.

I’ve since then had an update from the Tecmo Koei Social Networking manager. Here’s what he has to say:

Our notification text didn’t include a reference to the weapon itself. We’ve had them fix the notification text and add the weapon as a DLC. So players should now be able to download the weapon (level 10 no attributes but can be “synthesized” to create a better one).

The new notification text is as per the below:

New SpotPass content #1

Hello there! Thanks for playing SAMURAI WARRIORS: Chronicles.
Are you up for another challenge? Try out some new downloadable content, available now!

This time we are giving you a new weapon. There are no special attributes to it but it is a powerful Level 10 weapon so it is great for combining it with other weapons via “Weapon Synthesis”!

Stay tuned because we have more content coming soon!

****UPDATE – Corrected Instructions****

To recieve the first DLC, players need to first enable Spotpass in the Samurai Warriors: Chronicles game in Network.  Then you should get a second corrected Spotpass notification.  I only just got my second corrected notification today (18 May 11).

Once you have this notification, go into Network and then Battle and fight the Spotpass battle there.  If you win, go to Aquire Weapon and set it to the Level 10 Attack 35 weapon for your lead character.

Once you’ve done this, the next level you play in the Campaign mode will have a Supply Captain pop up.  Beat him and the weapon is yours.

The weapon itself isn’t very powerful, but it can be combined with another weapon in the Shop for a more powerful bonus.

I look forward to the future weekly Friday DLCs from Tecmo Koei!


4 Responses to “Samurai Warriors: Chronicles DLC Update”
  1. desperate dude says:

    I have a doubt: My Acquire Weapon is disabled 😦 I will get the weapon I I already recieved the notification?


    • helper says:

      under ‘network’ go under ‘battle’. you should see “SpotPass” listed as an enemy. fight it (pretty much guaranteed a win) and you’ll get the ‘acquire weapon’ thing. then just go into a mission and when ‘supply captain’ enters the battle, kill him and you’ll get the weapon.

      also, just to make sure, there should be a blue dot on the game icon in the main menu if spotpass actually downloaded anything.


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