Dead or Alive: Dimensions Streetpass Meet Update and Spotpass DLC Schedule – UPDATED

This coming Saturday (21 May 11) sees the UK’s Official Dead or Alive: Dimensions Post Launch Streetpass event in London.

The event will take place in the park in front of the London Eye from 11:00 to 14:00.  A Dead or Alive: Dimensions tournament will run from 12:00.

Today I received prizes from Tecmo Koei‘s Social Networking Manager @inspchin.  There are three prizes in the form of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles calendars featuring fantastic artwork from the 3DS game published by Tecmo Koei.

The prizes will go to the three top ranking players from the knockout tournament.

For more details of the event see the event announcement on Nintendo Scene.

The Streetpass event isn’t just for DOA:D players though. Everyone is welcome, 3DS owner or not.  DS owners can still take part in Download Play with other DS and 3DS players. Everyone can see DOA:D in action and 3DS users will gain a plethora of Streetpass hits to help with those quests and puzzles.

I’ve also just received word of the Corrected Dead or Alive: Dimensions Spotpass DLC schedule starting for the EU on May 20th, the day of the game’s release.  Here’s the schedule:

New downloadable costumes and Throwdown Challenges from Team NINJA themselves will be available for DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions through SpotPass!

* Once you have received costume data, you can check it through the Main Menu.
You need an SD Card to save costumes.

* Throwdown Challenges…
Characters data straight from the developers. Have a virtual fight against the creators themselves in Throwdown mode!

(“SP” will display on these Challengers in the menu.)

Anyone who takes on the challenge will get a rare figurine, but there might be even more in store if you pull off a win!

<Costume Release Schedule>
◆Release Schedule

1st Round: May 20th (Fri) to June 22nd (Wed), 2011
2nd Round (repeat): June 24th to July 27th (Wed), 2011
A new costume will be released everyday.
Types of costumes and release order are the same in both rounds.

◆Content: New special costumes (34 in total). One costume will be distributed per day.
◆Price: Free

<Throwdown Challenges Release Schedule>
◆Delivery date: May 20th (Fri) to November 11th (Fri), 2011

A new challenge will be released every week.

◆Content: 26 different Challenges from Team NINJA. Have a virtual fight against members of Team NINJA.
◆Price: Free
*Note : Contents and schedule may be changed without any prior notice.

For details of how to download this content please see the Team Ninja guide.

I recieved my download today in the form of a new costume for Kasumi (a blue skirt, white jumper and scarf and white boots combo) and a Throwdown challenge against an AI version of one of the members of Team Ninja playing as Kasumi.

And just to remind users, with the corrected Samurai Warriors Spotpass DLC being released this week, we’re back on track for weekly Samurai Warriors: Chronicles DLC releases on Friday.

So why not pick up Dead or Alive: Dimensions on its release tomorrow, come to the Official Post Launch Streetpass meet in London, get some Battles and Streetpass Battles under your belt and then begin collecting the Spotpass DLC costumes and challenges a week later.

Nintendo Scene would like to thank Tecmo Koei and @inspchin for their assistance with this event.  Keep your eyes on Nintendo Scene for the post Streetpass meet report.


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