Dead or Alive: Dimensions Official UK Post Launch Streetpass Meet 21 May 11 – Report

A park, In front of the London Eye, London, England

Another beautiful day in London saw a mid-month Streetpass Meet aimed at those who purchased Dead or Alive: Dimensions on its release the day before.  Last week, after Chin Soon Sun, Tecmo Koei’s Community Manager caught wind of the event; it soon became the UK’s Official Post Launch Dead or Alive: Dimensions Streetpass event.  Prizes were provided by Chin Soon Sun on behalf of Tecmo Koei and the UK’s first DOA:D tournament was on.

The turnout for this event was slightly smaller than the last Streetpass London event, but there were lots of new faces who assured me they will be attending future events.

The meet started as most do, with the gathering of Miis and the collecting of puzzle pieces and ghost battling, for the record I started the Quest again after finishing it, and I’m now two pieces short of my last puzzle.  Apart from the odd Mii hit I get around London, this is all because of Streetpass Meets and the conventions I’ve attended.  So if you’re looking for hits, get yourself to an event, they’re free, you get to sit in the sun with fellow 3ds gamers (or the shade if you’re a like-minded ninja).

Some friendly battles of Dead or Alive soon got underway, along with discussions on the game.  From what I gather out of the group of game owners, they are particularly happy with the game.  Super Street Fighter IV is Street Fighter, but Dead or Alive: Dimensions is a whole other polished affair.

As more people joined other games sprouted up, but by this time I was firmly embedded with the DOA:D crew.  Revell Dixon established himself early as the player to beat and twice I had him down so low on health that you couldn’t see the bar any more, but alas both times his DOA:D prowess prevailed.

More DOA:D players turned up and the tournament began (a couple of players slipped in to the group without me noticing and the tournament actually started without them, but we soon managed to fit them in).  Rev Dixon or Hurricane Rev as his alias soon became apparent beat every player who came against him, storming his DOA:D player rank up and placing him at a level above the rest of us.  Daniel Pragasam also showed his calibre of play by having his only loss against Rev.

Taynor, one of the admins for DS London, rightly stated that it’s not a game you can perfect quickly.  It is true that it’s easy to pick up and the Chronicle mode helps you through this, but to be any kind of a challenge to players like Rev, you have to put the hours in.  Which is why a ranking system like that of DOA:D works so well.  Online you’ll be matched against players of your standard and in offline system play you’ll just hope that you’re quicker with your counters than Rev is with his low kicks.

Rev’s gift with the game was revealed when he produced a custom made DOA fighting stick for the X360 during the photos at the end, he is a pretty hardcore DOA fan and deserved to take the top spot.

The games were played in a best of three matches, each with a best of three rounds.  Points were then awarded for each match win regardless of the overall outcome.

Here’s how the games played out – (Read along each column, the player’s name on the left is whose scores are listed first):

Revell Dan M Dan H Andy Dan P Darren Points
Revell 2 – 0 2 – 0 2 – 0 2 – 0 2 – 0 10
Dan M 0 – 2 1 – 2 2 – 0 0 – 2 2 – 1 5
Dan H 0 – 2 2 – 1 0 – 2 0 – 2 2 – 0 4
Andy 0 – 2 0 – 2 2 – 0 0 – 2 0 – 2 2
Dan P 0 – 2 2 – 0 2 – 0 2 – 0 2 – 1 8
Darren 0 – 2 1 – 2 0 – 2 2 – 0 1 – 2 4

Tecmo Koei provided three prizes in the form of three Samurai Warriors: Chronicles calendars which were greatly received by the top three ranking players.

Revell who remains undefeated took the top spot.  Dan P who only dropped a game against Rev stormed in second.  And Dan M who lost his games against Rev and Dan P, but a point won against Dan H pushed him above Dan H and Darren for third place.  Commiserations to the other three players, but as my ninja sensei always says, ‘There is no dishonour in defeat, but only if you learn from it.’

For those asking, I’m sure DOA:D will feature highly in all future Streetpass events, especially those in London.  It will certainly be my multiplayer game of choice and hopefully in future events I’ll be able to get more games in myself.

If the players who took part in the DOA:D tournament want me to link to their twitter accounts from their names on the table please let me know.

And anyone who missed the event because they weren’t paying attention, follow @NintendoScene and @StealthBuda on twitter.  I attend most London Streetpass events and Nintendo Scene will be promoting all 3DS UK Streetpass Meets even if an author is not attending them.

I leave you to consider why Ubisoft didn’t include a Streetpass or proper multiplayer function in Ghost Recon, it just doesn’t make sense.

Fear the ninja.


7 Responses to “Dead or Alive: Dimensions Official UK Post Launch Streetpass Meet 21 May 11 – Report”
  1. Raza says:

    I see me! 😀


  2. @DanielDOA4 says:

    i see me 2! lol. i must beat Revell online now! or i’ll just stay in this corner and cry all day 😦


    • Christin says:

      yeah Hitomi can be unlocked if you have a DOA 3 save and beat story mode with Ein atlesat I think thats how I did iti’m not sure I play 4 it’s been a while since I played Ultimate


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