The Buyer’s Guide: Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D

The 17th of June is fast approaching, and many gamers, including myself, have not yet made their minds up as to where to pre-order the upcoming Zelda hit, Ocarina of Time 3D. After doing a little market research, it is quite astounding how varying the prices of the game is depending on where you shop, so in this article I intend to help you make an informed decision before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

It was announced earlier in May, that Nintendo of Greece were releasing special pre-order bonus items with every purchase of Ocarina of Time 3D. These items included; a pot of Deku seeds, a green Zelda baseball cap, a Zelda keyring, an Ocarina (which presumably does not take you back in time when you play: Right, A, Down, Right, A, Down) or a Zelda 3DS pouch. Nintendo of Germany reported later their pre-order bonus as a Zelda 3DS case. So, what do we get here in the UK? Well, buying your copy at GAME or Gamestation will grant you a double-sided A2 poster and a gold sleeve for your game, which is in fact the box art for the NTSC version of the game. Feeling a bit miffed? Me too. Check out the gallery at the bottom of this article to see all the bonus items.

When buying the game, you should take into consideration what you are looking for; if you want a collector’s edition of the game to add to your growing heap of treasures from the Zelda franchise, then you might want to opt for the pre-order bonus to net yourself that gold sleeve, but if it’s a great game for the cheapest price possible, I’d advise you to look elsewhere. So, whether you’re looking for a pre-order bonus or not, here’s my buyer’s guide for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D:

Includes Bonus Item (double-sided poster and gold sleeve)

  • GAME (online) – £34.99
  • GAME (instore) – £39.99
  • Gamestation (online) – £34.99
  • Gamestation (instore) – £39.99

No Bonus Item (all from online sites)

  • Amazon – £29.91
  • Play – £29.99
  • HMV – £34.99
  • TheHut – £29.85
  • ShopTo – £29.86
  • Blockbuster – £34.99
  • Asda – £29.91
  • Gameplay – £29.99

If you find anywhere cheaper feel free to leave a comment and I will add it to the list and I will also update if any prices drop. I hope you find this useful, and let us know if you are going to be heading for GAME or Gamestation to purchase a copy with the pre-order bonus or not.

Update: Orla (Nintymadden) has just alerted me to the fact that Australia has officially won the ‘who-can-get-the-best-Zelda-pre-order-bonus-item’ competition. So bear in mind, we get effectively a bit of paper and some re-used artwork, Nintendo of Australia have announced their bonus item bundle consists of a blue Ocarina branded with a tri-force, sheet music for two songs including Zelda’s Lullaby and a lovely box to put everything in. I bet you wish you lived in Australia now.

I have also just discovered Nintendo of Sweden’s pre-order bonus item is a pin badge, which you can see in the gallery below.

8 Responses to “The Buyer’s Guide: Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D”
  1. nintymadden says:

    Awesome work Katy!! 🙂 Greece get the better offer by a long shot.. how badly I want those Deku seeds and Ocarina!! 😀 HMV and Blockbuster are pretty harsh with their prices with no bonus????


  2. Wes says: have it for £29.99 too, with free first class, release day delivery


  3. MD1500 says:

    Not bothered about the bonus. It will cost £10 more and the Gold sleeve is hardly special if its the standard sleeve in the US, and one of the UK Nintendo Magazines will end up giving away an OOT poster as a free gift anyway. Besides, I have no room on my wall.


  4. Holly says:

    I really wish we could get the Ocarina! I’ll probably still get the Bonus items because I like Zelda posters and want the special gold sleeve.


    • ManiLink says:

      I ordered from shop to as they send everything 2 days before release as they have a £3 off your next purchase If it isnt received on the day of release….So Im happy to not get any of the free stuff – The game is all im after – as early as possible! 😛


  5. John Lewis is actually a good place to look out for games. Prices are often lower than any other high street store.


  6. MD1500 says:

    I ended up pre-ordering it from GAME after all.
    I received an email today, explaining that it had been reduced to 29.99! Win!


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