Unreleased 3DS/Wii/DS games playable at MCM!

The latest press release from the coordinators of this weekend’s MCM London Expo has revealed that some of Nintendo’s hottest games will be playable at the event.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of playing new releases before everyone else, especially trying games that aren’t even available in this country. That’s why all you avid gamers coming along to this weekend’s MCM Expo London Comic Con better make a beeline for the brilliant Nintendo Unleashed stand.”

The games that will be playable at the Nintendo stand are as follows;


Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D


Xenoblade Chronicles

Wii Play: Motion


Solatorobo: Red The Hunter

So if you are coming down this weekend, make sure you check out the Nintendo stand. Personally I will be racing down to try out Xenoblade Chronicles, as it has an absolutely remarkable soundtrack. I’m sure the Zelda and Resident Evil booths will be packed so make sure you get there early!

The Nintendo games stand also includes a blogging point, so you can go straight online after playing and let us know (via our twitter @nintendoscene) what you thought of each game. 

There will be members of the Nintendo Scene team heading to the Expo, so look out for myself (Katy) and StealthBuda (Adam) who will be covering the event over the course of the weekend – and feel free to say hello!

For London MCM Expo tickets please visit: www.mcmexpogroup.com/store 


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