Capcom Exploring the 3DS with: Nazo Waku Yakata

I first heard about this game a few months back, but just found the trailer.

Nazo Waku Yakata (roughly translated “Bewitching Riddle Mansion”) is a puzzle game for the 3DS by Capcom. One of its major draws is the use of ‘3D sound’. Here’s the Japanese trailer, which you should listen to with headphones for the full effect:

The intro promises that this is a game that could only be done on the 3DS, utilising the system’s gyro sensor, motion sensor, mic, 3D screen and camera.

Watch and listen as the direction of the sound of the candle flame moves as the image moves as well, and the butler introduces you to the game. He says the mansion is a place where you get lost in puzzles, and where riddles grow and multiply. The on-screen says that for a brand new game, brand new hardware has been arrived (probably referring to the 3D sound).

As the trailer moves on to gameplay, we get an idea of the art style and some of the things you’ll have to do – giving a girl a massage, playing xylophones, prodding teachers in bikinis, slapping sleeping guys…it all looks very interesting.

While some of the gameplay looks a little less PG than, say, Professor Layton, I’m hoping the Western success of games of that type will give Nazo Waku Yakata a good chance of making it to a release outside of Japan. As it stands, the game is looking at a summer 2011 release on home soil (a note at the end of the trailer proclaims “Eh? That soon!?”).

If you want to experience more of the 3D sound capabilities, head to the game’s homepage here. Click “スペシャルコンテンツ” (second from the right) on the navigation bar, then click on the door. You’ll be able to choose a range of sounds with the icons on the right. Remember to plug your headphones in!

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