MCM – London – May 2011 – A Ninja’s report

By now you should have read Katy’s event report from MCM May 2011.  I attended all three days of MCM and I had far more Streetpass success that Katy.  Not including repeats hits, on Friday I had 39 Mii Streetpass hits, 42 on Saturday and 36 on Sunday.  Over the three days I got Streetpass hits off several people twice and a couple of people on all three days.  If I streetpassed you, I hope that ninja Mii served you well in the quest.  I only had one puzzle piece left to get when I arrived on Friday morning, and I received it from my first Streetpass hit.  I also started the quest again on that morning just to see how far I’d get and to collect the rest of the hats.  Through those Streetpass hits listed above I’m now one room away from the final room.

I’m not sure how many Dead or Alive: Dimensions throwdown battles I had, but my total is now 45 and I’m sure I had less than 10 before I started.  I’m still unbeaten at DOA:D  throwdowns, but I can see the Spotpass throwdown’s getting harder as the weeks go on.

Each day I received 10 Super Street Fighter IV Streetpass battles as I didn’t have time to clear them until I was on my way home each evening.  Just as I was beginning to get lax and think I was unbeatable at SSFIV Streetpass battles, I lost three in a row.  This sucks because they were on the last day, so now they will slowly edge down my record as a warning to my laziness.  No matter how many matches you win, there will always be someone with better figure stats than you or a slightly different figure level setup.  Time to start spending the figure points I earned from the twenty-seven wins over the weekend I guess.

With Samurai Warriors: Chronicles I was pleased to also get a few Streetpass hits.  At least six a day, which forced me not only to clear down the Streetpass battles, but to play missions again to try and clear the weapons backlog in my network acquire weapon.

I played twice on Zelda Ocarina of Time, once on the Friday and then again on Sunday.  I loved the 3d effects, I wished I could have got in to it more, but the limited demo, although showing off the capabilities of the 3DS and the game itself, didn’t give you much to go on.  It’s out in a few weeks though and we’ve got the 3DS update and E3 to keep us going until then.

I got to battle it out for quite some time on Gears of War 3 on Sunday, can’t wait for this to hit in the Autumn.  I’m not a massive fan of the game, but I’m a huge fan of the story and the setting and I love the characters, so I can’t wait to play through this next chapter.

Other highlights of the weekend included the sheer amount of quality of Cosplayers.  MCM just gets bigger and better every year because of the level of Cosplayers we get, pictures of some of my favourites can be seen below.  Duke Nukem was out in force on the Saturday and I was lucky enough to have my photo ruined by a random kid wandering through the shot.  I saw a few Jessica Rabbits and a couple of Darkstalker’s cosplays, which will always get my vote and I also saw the winner of the IGN Kapow Cosplay Competition, Bane wandering around.

I cosplayed myself as Hiruzen Sarutobi from Naruto on the Saturday.  Can’t go wrong with a legendary ninja.

The only panel I got involved in was the SFX Guide to Journalism, which turned out to be a lot more helpful than I thought it would be.  Some solid advice from the guys at SFX, followed up by some amusing answers to some foolish questions.  ‘What advice would you give to aspiring journalists?’, Dude come on, the panel is called the Guide to Journalism, did you listen to any of it?

I also hung out with the always amazing Chin Soon Sun from Tecmo Koei, played on their new Bleach game and snagged a bargain of twenty Dynasty Warriors pin badges for £1 for the lot!  I then also watched the Q&A session on the new Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, which looks epic.  My pre-order went in as soon as I got home on Saturday night.

My purchases included 2 of 3 Ame-Comi Mini DC Heroine Series 1 statues, one of the limited edition 20 Years of Manga t-shirts, 3 brand new manga comics for £5, a Neo Ninja keyring.  I also managed to get a Duke thinks I’m hot and a 3d Duke Nukem poster for free in my goodie bag, amongst other assorted stuff.

I had my photo taken with the legend that is Tony Lee and pre-ordered Spirit of Hope, the Comic Book Alliance’s fund raising graphic novel for the Japan disaster.  You can see details of it here, and grasp at the full scope and level of contributor involvement.

So that was my weekend, apart from the time spent staring up at the Highschool of the Dead banners and wishing it was August, I achieved quite a lot.

See you all there in October, and if you’re lucky, you might see me, well, Streetpass me at least.


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