Free Pokedex 3D App Available From e-Shop Launch

Pokémon 3DS App Screenshot

Upon the 3DS e-shop launch next week, we will be presented with the opportunity to download a 3D Pokedex! The app will be one of the first available and best of all, will be absolutely free! Not only will you be-able to view all the brand spanking new Pokemon from the recent Black and White games in 3D using the app but the app will also boast spotpass and augmented reality features.

You begin with 16 Pokemon in your Dex but will be-able to unlock more by scanning QR codes, downloading up to 3 each day via spotpass or trading with your friends! You will then be-able to use the app to access information about the Pokemon such as move lists and stats. Augmented reality will also allow you to display your Pokemon and take pictures of them using the 3DS camera. Not bad for a free app…

The creation of the 3D models for each of the Pokemon from the Unova region has caused many on the forum NeoGaf to speculate that it would be unlikely that GameFreak would have gone to all the trouble of making them if they will only be used for this free app and nothing else. Are they lining up for a Pokemon Stadium 3DS? Pokemon Snap 3DS? We don’t know but we should warn that this is all speculation.

Whatever happens in the future, this is a great idea from Nintendo to give this away for free and I can’t wait to snap it up!

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