Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D News!

Hideo Kojima (creator and director of the Metal Gear series) has revealed via his Twitter account that although he may not be heading to E3 personally, playable demos of his latest Metal Gear game Snake Eater 3D will be on display instead. Although last year at E3 there was a ‘demo’ of sorts of the game, it was loosely interactive and mainly just 3D footage of what to expect from the title.


This tweet can be loosely translated as, “E3 exhibitors are going through the ‘Snake Eater 3D’ trial check. I at last crossed the suspension bridge using gyro controls. I won’t be going to E3 but producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana will be there.”


In his tweet, Kojima described how he had crossed the suspension bridge (which you can see screenshots of in the gallery below) using the 3DS’ incorporated gyro controls. Kojima also included a picture to show us and wow – doesn’t it look amazing! Judging from the camera angle of the image in the top screen, with the grass at the front of the image, Snake in the middle and more detailed background at the back, we can relax knowing that his game will look excellent with the 3D slider pushed up to the max. The vibrant colours shown in the top screen look outstanding too.

In the image you can also see the game’s interface in the bottom touchscreen, which Kojima revealed through a later tweet that you could switch weapons with, by tapping the bottom screen. Kojima also mentioned that in Snake Eater 3D you can walk while ducking down – something very useful judging by past Metal Gear games.

When not happily playing his 3DS, Kojima has also been editing and perfecting his Metal Gear trailer ready in time for E3. Below in the gallery is a picture of his desk where he has been editing the trailer – can any eagle-eyed fans spot any revealing hints from this?


4 Responses to “Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D News!”
  1. jimjamz says:

    What’s David Bowie doing in that picture and why does he have breasts?


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