Nintendo E3 History: 2004 – ‘Reggie-lution’

If you read my last post, you’ll remember that 2003 was a slight dissapointment for Nintendo fans, so we were praying that 2004 would be different. Yes it was. E3 2004 was full of new and fresh ideas, something that 2003 lacked.

‘My name is Reggie. I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names, and we’re about making games.’ A new face for Nintendo had just stepped on to the stage at the start of Nintendo’s E3 conferance, and this was Reggie Fils-Aime. He was the new face for Nintendo of America, and he had attitude. This is what gave Ninty gamers a boost this year, a new face, and deliverance that Nintendo promise for their gamers.

Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS was one of Nintendo’s main features this year. ‘Well the wait is over. This is the Nintendo DS.’, announced Reggie, and claps and cheers burst through the room. Prior to E3, Nintendo had announced at the end of 2003, that they would be releasing a new console in 2004, it would not be the successor to the Game Cube, but it would be a new Game Boy. No one had seen pictures of its design, but it was revealed it would have dual screens. The console was announced under the under the codename as ‘Nintendo DS’, then it was ‘Nitro’, but Nintendo DS turned out to be its official name. DS stands for ‘Developers System’, hoping to inspire game designs from several developers. The crowd were wowed when a brand new Metroid game was demoed on the big screen, just tap on the touch screen on where you wanted Samus to shoot and it was done, no longer did you have to rely on using the buttons to aim. Wi-Fi compatability was announced also, much to everyones delight. Also on display was Super Mario 64DS, a remake of the wonderful Super Mario 64. The DS launched later that year in Japan and America, and remains to this day the best selling handheld console, shifting over 140 million units since its release.

Brief mentions of a new Nintendo console coming from Satoru Iwata sparked excitement. What excited us was what Iwata said about the system, that it would create a ‘gaming revolution’. He didn’ discuss technical specifications, as he said “they really don’t matter’. Not much was given away about the new console, codenamed ‘Revolution’, but everyone could not wait to hear more eventually.

LoZ: Twilight Princess

With a lack of big names for the GameCube in 2003, gamers were hoping this would change this year, and their hopes were fulfilled. The hall went dark, and on the screen in front of the audience was a vast field, on which that field there was a mysterious man riding a horse. All of a sudden the camera rotates and who is it? None other than Link, you know, from the Zelda series? Here on this screen we got our first glimpse of the new Zelda game which turned out to be The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This new realistic Zelda game was what the fans were really after, seeing as many were disappointed with The Wind Waker which featured cartoon-ism. To conclude this screening, Miyamoto jumped out on the stage, bearing the Master Sword and a Hyrulian Shield. Epic. We wanted more from the screening, but the game was still in developement.

A second Zelda title popped up at E3 this year, this one being The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, for the GBA. The Minish Cap involves seeing Link shrink to a miniature size while wearing a hat, called Ezlo. Once again, Link is the chosen one, and must defeat the evil  sorceror who has turned Zelda into stone, and bringing peace to Hyrule. Two other noticeable games on show this year were Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen, the first of the Pokémon game remakes.

Spirits were greatly raised this year, Nintendo delivered what they had set out to do, to wow the audience. A new hand-held, a new console and a new Zelda title which we wanted. E3 2004 was memorable to say the least.

Stay tuned for more E3 history. 6 days till E3 2011, join us here at Nintendo Scene where Wes will be live blogging as all the news happens at one of the biggest gaming conferences of the year!

9 Responses to “Nintendo E3 History: 2004 – ‘Reggie-lution’”
  1. Marc says:

    Only just started visiting this site recently and have to say, I’m very impressed – a great summary of a very important year for Nintendo.

    Considering how well-written the articles are, I’m surprised there isn’t more activity in the comments sections. A site like this, should attract intelligent gamers, not like some of the other sites out there!

    Anyway, keep up the good work and I look forward to coming back 🙂


    • Well many thanks for your comments, they are very welcome. I can tell you, your kind words went down very well with the team. Hope to see you around again, and hope you stay in touch with the site (there are many options, such as our Twitter and Facebook feeds, or even our email list). Thanks again,


  2. Gonna love the image you used for this article.


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