New Zelda Game to be Announced at E3!

According to reports on the net, Nintendo will be unveiling a new The Legend of Zelda game at the E3 event next week. Information was found via the French website, and claims that director and designer of Zelda, Eiji Aonuma, has been quoted on a television programme with the news. Eurogamer has run the report by their French colleagues at and have provided the following translation:

Zelda’s 25th anniversary: New Zelda to be show in E3!”

The question is; what is this mysterious new game? Could it be a full new home console release for the upcoming Project Café/Wii2 console, will it be on the 3DS or maybe it will be something similar to the Mario anniversary game and end up as a compilation of classic Zelda titles on the Wii? Only Nintendo know. But the truth will be revealed in 4 days!

Also mentioned in the report, the Wii game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is rumored to be released this November – is it on your wish list?

Skyward Sword as a November launch?

The recently published ‘Iwata Asks’ session, focusing on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, has also revealed new information about the soon to be launched Ocarina of Time 3D, which is due out on 17th June (3DS). The game will feature one new re-arrangement of a track to a more orchestral sound, provided by Nintendo’s Mahito Yokota. Yokota explained that he had actually re-arranged a few modernized tracks for Ocarina of Time 3D, however these plans were dropped as he was asked to stick with the Nintendo 64 version’s original score.

What are everyone’s opinions about the new Zelda game to be announced at E3? Which platform do we think it might appear on? I’m holding out for a home console release; however it may be too soon for any Zelda titles to be announced for Project Café/Wii2. Stay tuned at Nintendo Scene to keep up to date with E3 news as it happens, and don’t forget to bookmark Nintendo Scene author Wes’ live E3 stream page ready for the big day.

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  • And please do comment on the announcement before, during and after here.
  • And please do comment on the announcement before, during and after here.
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    14 Responses to “New Zelda Game to be Announced at E3!”
    1. nintymadden says:

      Paper Zelda pleeeeease!!!


    2. This is just nuts. Nintendo took absolutly everything to another new level. I am now dying to worship the E3 Nintendo press conference. You know our minds are gonna get blown away again on the day.


    3. Wes says:

      This certainly sounds like the rumour of Paper Zelda may have some weight behind it. With the imminent release of Ocarina of Time on 3DS I can only assume a home console game too and with Skyward Sword coming soon for Wii and/or Project Cafe, I think it’s going to something that takes the series in a different direction. We’ll find out soon!…


    4. Sam says:

      New Zelda coming out with Nintendo Beem (“Project Cafe”)! Crazy cool graphics, stylized like Twilight Princess. Looks mature and almost scary. Take my money, Nintendo!


    5. Looks like a lot of the predictions before E3 were correct.


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