Nikkei Reveals Project Cafe Controller Details

Nikkei appears to have confirmed many of the rumoured Cafe Controller details prior to Nintendo’s E3 Conference on June 7th. The article was translated and summarised by Andriasang. The details seem to correspond with earlier rumours that the console will have a 6 inch touch screen, a built-in camera and a rechargeable battery. The controller will also apparently double up as a portable device. The report also claims that the console could be released as early as mid 2012.

While we’ve heard similar rumours before, Nikkei is a respected Japanese publication and is largely trustworthy. Nothing is official until it comes out of Nintendo’s mouth but these claims seem as close to that as we’ll get until Nintendo’s conference.

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One Response to “Nikkei Reveals Project Cafe Controller Details”
  1. ManiLink says:

    I would assume this is all 100 per cent right – Nikkei is rarely wrong and only posts fact.


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