Nintendo E3 History: 2005 – 2006 – Yes ‘Wii’ Can

Along came E3 2005. The Nintendo DS was six months out on the market, targeting a wide audience and keeping many gamers, young and old alike, happy. But when new companies speak about a new console in the works, your mind goes into overdrive as to what it will be like. You’ll remember back in E3 2004, Iwata briefly mentioning Nintendo were working on a new console, but not much more was said after that to our dismay. Till now.

Revolution Prototype

You can imagine the crowds reaction when Iwata  said on stage, “We gave you DS. A new Game Boy. We gave you games to play on them. And now you say, you want a Revolution? Well, we’ve got one”, put his hand into his pocket and lifted out this small Black box. That small Black box was the ‘Revolution‘. This was the prototype of the new console that Iwata was holding up to the audience, which was also showing on the big screen. Iwata announced that it would be backwards compatible, allowing it to play Game Cube games. The Virtual Console, an online shop, would allow players to purchase games from as far back as the NES, SNES and the Nintendo 64. This sparked much excitement in the crowd. The joy of being able to play those memorable gaming moments again, Link stepping into a full 3D Hyrule in Ocarina of Time and wearing the Tanooki suit in Super Mario Bros. 3, were just a small percentage of what was to look forward to. Software wasn’t revealed just yet, but we did know that Super Smash Bros. Brawl would be a launch title. The controller was kept under wraps too.

New details on the next Zelda title were revealed, Link could transform into a wolf, and this was very interesting news to all. We seen Midna, Link’s sidekick for the first time, along with the twilight realm. No news on a release date for the Game Cube yet.

The Game Boy Micro was also unveiled at E3 2005, to keep the interest up for the GBA. It was released later that year, but sadly enough did not sell well. With the Nintendo DS just about a year old when the Game Boy Micro released, it was over shadowed. Bad timing to release this little machine. Those of you that have one, like me, know how beautiful it is, and wish it was released just a little sooner to get the recognition it longed for.

Super Mario Galaxy

As we go into E3 2006, Nintendo had previously revealed the name of its next home console to be the ‘Wii‘. Sounds strange. I remember poking fun at the name, “Hey do you have a Wii?”, “We all have a Wii”. But of course if you don’t get the joke, you won’t find my jokes amusing! To say the least, it got people talking, and by E3 2006, ‘Wii’ were on the edge of our seats to see more. And more we did see! Titles like Super Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princess, Wii Sports and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption were hitting us like a hammer. Mario in space? It looks beautiful! Twilight Princess, again? Is that not for the Game Cube? But, its still great! And Wii Sports? So, if I swing my remote, its like I’m swinging a golf club? Mind has exploded. A teaser trailer had been released of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, allowing us to see Pit from the Kid Icarus series, Kirby, Wario and to everybody’s surprise, Solid Snake! Twilight Princess was first unveiled at E3 2004, and to everyone’s relief, this would be its last showing as it was announced for release towards the end of 2006. It also supported motion control. A release date for the Wii was kept in the dark, Nintendo wanted to reveal the price just before its launch.

A slimmer version of the Nintendo DS, the DS Lite, was to see its release this year also. Games coming to the Nintendo DS and DS Lite included The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and New Super Mario Bros. Phantom Hourglass re-introduced us with Toon Link, and its touch screen controls displayed on the DS were amazing. New Super Mario Bros. was the first original side-scrolling platform game with Mario since the release of Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

E3 2005 and 2006 came with a lot of new surprises, us gamers held our heads up high for Nintendo.

Stay tuned for more Nintendo E3 History, where the Wii finally hits the stores. Also join us here on June 7th, where Wes will be live blogging on Nintendo’s E3 2011 presentation.

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