Nintendo 3DS System Update may cause issues for Ridge Racer 3D

Most owners of the Nintendo 3DS are eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s system update, which promises to deliver the new eShop and Internet Browser among other features. But owners of Ridge Racer 3D might be less excited, as Nintendo has announced on their Japanese website that the new update will cause a bug in Namco Bandai’s racing game. Nintendo websites for other regions have also started confirming the bug.

According to Nintendo, the update causes the game to freeze during the track and car selection screens for Single Play and Grand Prix game modes. The main trigger for the freeze is pressing “B” in order to go back from the track or car selection screens. The only way out of the freeze is turning the 3DS system off and then back on again.

There is good news though! Firstly, Nintendo believes that not pressing “B” at those screens should avoid the freeze issue entirely. Also, saved games will not be affected by the freeze if it does occur. Upon restarting the 3DS and game, the saved game will be exactly as it was before the freeze. Nintendo have also suggested that owners of the game refrain from downloading the new system update if they don’t want to be affected by the bug at all.

Nintendo have advertised several features that will be provided by the system update, such as the eShop and Internet Browser. For the update to cause bugs during specific screens in certain games, it causes me to consider the possibility that other under-the-hood updates may be brought in at the same time. Perhaps the update will deliver more than initially expected. We will know soon.

The announcement also states that Nintendo will release another system update mid-June in order to fix these bugs.

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