Nintendo 3DS eshop Update Now Live

The Nintendo 3DS eshop update is now live to download. But be prepared as it may take a little while to download due to the high demand. And, due to the popularity, many people are reporting errors when trying to access the eshop once the update has downloaded. But, after a few attempts, I’m in.

And what a treat it is! The colourful menu shows highlights of DSi Ware games, a quick link to download Excitebike 3D Classic edition and Super Mario Land from Gameboy, as well the option to link your 3DS eshop account with your Club Nintendo account. Get some sneak peak, 3D video footage of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS too; it looks amazing and the screen shots we’ve all seen so far certainly don’t do it justice! The new Pokedex 3D is right there on the main screen for you to download too, as well as a trailer for Dead or Alive Dimensions.

Adding funds is a simple process, using your credit or debit card and selecting from £10, £20 or £30 to add to your account. Download a title and you’ll see a series of coloured balls feed along a line before they drop into a box in the top screen representing the game itself, before it’s wrapped up in a bow on completion. Exit to the home screen and you’ll be presented with your new gift with the option to unwrap it! It’s all rather nicely done in a cute, fun Nintendo way.

As part of the software update, don’t forget to also check out the web browser too. It renders sites quite small so you will be using the zoom feature quite a bit, but scrolling with the touch screen is intuitive and the Google integration and simple bookmark manager is easy to use. Remember to add this site to your bookmarks!

3 Responses to “Nintendo 3DS eshop Update Now Live”
  1. A pretty substantial update here. Browser is good as well as the eshop channel. With some nice free content from Nintendo. Job well done.


  2. eShop looks pretty good, here’s hoping Nintendo can keep giving us a reason for checking it out. I’d like to see trailers and other videos updated fairly regularly.


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