Super Pokémon Scramble Confirmed For 3DS

Yesterday a leaked image from a retailer in Japan was rumoured to be taking pre-orders from June 15th for a new Pokémon title. Presumably it was said to be a sequel to Pokémon Rumble, a WiiWare title. This game was rumoured to be named Super Pokémon Scramble. 

Today it has been confirmed by the official site that it is an upcoming title, and will be released in Japan on the 28th July this year. No news on a European or American release. Produced by Umbrella Co., it is a sequel to Pokémon Rumble and it follows the same game basics, also including the Pokémon from Pokémon Black and Pokémon White. Game modes available are single player mode and local multiplayer mode, there hasn’t been word of a WiFi mode just yet.  The price for Super Pokémon Scramble is 4,800 Yen. Below are some release images for Super Pokémon Scramble.

Stay tuned to Nintendo Scene for more news and screenshots when it becomes available.

UPDATE 12-6-2011:

Some new details have been released on Super Pokémon Scramble. Similar to Pokémon Rumble, players travel to different areas to obtain new Pokémon. By defeating other Pokémon you can add new ones to your team. You can obtain new Pokémon through communication with other players who have the game. Each stage consists of a boss to defeat at the the end. New modes are reported to include Pokémon Collection Battle Challenge, Charge Battle and Battle Royale. Super Pokémon Scramble also supports the StreetPass feature, allowing battles to take place as you pass someone who also has the game. Below in our gallery you will also see the box-art for Super Pokémon Scramble which has also been revealed.

UPDATE 15-6-2011:

A new official site for Super Pokémon Scramble 3D has been set up which you can visit here. A brand new trailer has emerged in the run up to Super Pokémon Scramble 3D‘s release next month. You can watch the trailer below. Tell us what you think!

2 Responses to “Super Pokémon Scramble Confirmed For 3DS”
  1. ktx8 says:

    Love how Pokemon/GameFreak has finally caught up with the idea that sticking the word ‘Super’ on the front of things sells… Looks interesting though, especially that second screen shot…


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