Making The Most of Pokedex 3D

Jake’s AR Snap

When the Nintendo 3DS eShop launched the majority of us downloaded the free Pokedex 3D app without much knowledge of what it was all about. Our Nintendo Scene writer Joe Hamm informed us of the news that the Pokedex 3D app was hitting the store in time for launch, describing the features of the app and proposing the idea that Game Freak may have been using the app to test out what a fully 3D Pokémon game would look like. Yet once we booted up our new device, many of us were left confused with what it could be practically used for. So yes it lets you collect data on the new Pokémon from the Black and White version of game and lets you have a look at your Pokémon buddies in 3D, but what else?

Helping you win battles against your friends

The Pokedex 3D app shows all the stats, abilities, evolution forms and moves of each Pokémon. Now although this may not be the app’s most exciting feature, even Ash Ketchum knew the importance of knowing his stats at the Indigo Plateau. If you enjoy the odd battle, it would be worth keep your new 3DS app handy.

Bringing your Pokémon into the real world

Okay, I’m not going to deny it, it has been my dream since the release of Pokémon Blue to have Pokémon existing in the real world, sad I know, but it’s true. The Pokedex 3D app can bring this dream one step closer to reality, by allowing you get hold of those all important AR codes and take pictures of any of the Pokémon in your dex in the real world. Each Pokémon is animated so you can also take pictures of them in action. Check out some of the pictures taken by Jake Spall (@Spallboy), myself and Nintendo Scene author Orla in the gallery below, and feel free to have a go yourself and send them in!

 Gotta catch ‘em all

Well, scan, download and receive ‘em all more like. The Pokedex 3D requires no scouring of the Sinnoh region to pronounce yourself Pokémon master, instead just sit back, relax and watch your 3DS do all the work, sending you new Pokémon data through the Spotpass feature. You can also get a friend to send you a Pokémon you’re missing. By scanning the AR markers of Pokémon you haven’t collected in your Dex yet, you make it more likely to receive that Pokémon through the Spotpass feature. You can get up to 3 Pokémon a day so make sure you don’t just scan any old marker – stick to the ones you actually want! There are also stickers to collect, which you can get from taking pictures of each Pokémon in your dex. These stickers unlock new features on your Pokedex, for example the ability to scale the size of the Pokémon on the screen at that moment.

The Pokedex 3D is available free to download exclusively from the 3DS eShop, so if you haven’t nabbed it already now is the time! If you would like your AR snaps from the Pokedex 3D to be included in this article’s gallery below, send in your photos to

Scan these markers below!


4 Responses to “Making The Most of Pokedex 3D”
  1. Steve T. says:

    I’m enjoying the pokedex program. I wish Nintendo would release AR cards for Pokemon. That would be fun.


  2. Anonymous says:

    can anybidy put a pikachu ar marker for the Nintendo 3DS Pokedex 3D?


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