New 3DS Classics Titles in Development

It has been confirmed that Nintendo are currently developing six new games for the 3D Classics range on the Nintendo e-Shop. The 3D Classics consists of NES titles that have had an overhaul so the player can view the games in 3D.

More games are in development, according to Nintendo’s Takao Nakano. Nakano is the director of the 3DS Classics, and stated, “I hope everyone will look forward to those titles, as well as the others.” I wonder what titles could be in development? We already know Miyamoto would love to see The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past available for download.

Meanwhile, with the launch of the Nintendo 3DS e-Shop on 7th June last week, 3DS owners can now download their first 3DS Classics title Excitebike for free for a limited time only. Its amazing to see a game that is over 20 years old, feel so fresh with a revamp on to the 3DS. Japanese gamers can also download Xevious as well as Excitebike.

5 Responses to “New 3DS Classics Titles in Development”
  1. I’ve always really enjoyed Excitebike and was thrilled to get it for free. I know most games will come through the VIrtual console as a straight port is obviously cheaper and easier for them to create, but I’m glad we’re getting more 3D classics. A Link To The Past is what I’m most excited about. At first I didn’t think the 3D would look great on a title like LTTP, but after seeing Excitebike I’ve changed my mind.


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