Nintendo Has Sold Over One Million 3DS Systems In Japan

Detailing Nintendo 3DS sales for the month of May, it has been confirmed that Nintendo has sold over one million units in Japan.

It took the 3DS 13 weeks to reach a million sales in Japan, and this is considerably longer than it took the other DS systems. The original DS reached a million sales within one month, and the updated DS systems including the DS Lite and DSi all took two months to reach one million units sold.

The Nintendo 3DS did well in Japan when it launched, selling a staggering 371,326 in the first two days. Since then, sales have dried up as Sony’s PSP outsells Nintendo’s latest portable system. The lack of games being released between the launch and now seem to have caused the decline in sales, and it is expected that many potential buyers have been waiting for more games to be released before purchasing what is a very expensive device. With Nintendo’s big first-party titles being released later in the year and into next year, sales are bound to pick up. Expect a large boost in Japan when the new Starfox remake and the red model of the 3DS are released on the same day, July 14.

5 Responses to “Nintendo Has Sold Over One Million 3DS Systems In Japan”
  1. ktx8 says:

    I would definitely agree that it is the lack of titles available during the launch window that caused the slow sales of the 3DS, I expect Nintendo is looking forward to the inevitable boom of sales over the next coming months!


    • Just so happens that the PSP has had some decent and very popular titles released lately as well during this gap for Nintendo. I imagine the 3DS will be much like the DS, which had an even worse game library at launch. It did take long before we had some masterpieces and they got better each year.


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