Skyward Sword Storyline and Details Revealed

Information collected by Zelda Universe and Zelda Informer have been grilling the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword floor representatives to find out the latest information about the new home console Zelda game. Although both sites stress that these details have not been confirmed by company officials, the storyline seems to go along with the released trailers and screen grabs that we have seen so far.

Zelda Informer writes that the basic plot structure for the game is as follows;

“Link and Zelda live in the land of Skyloft, high above the surface world below. One day Link participates in a bird-riding competition as part of a festival celebration. The winner of the competition gets a prize from Zelda. After winning the prize, Link takes Zelda out on a date and flies her over the clouds on his bird (okay, so the game’s probably less ‘high school’ about it, but I figure this gets the point across). That’s when disaster strikes.

A giant tornado appears, sucking Zelda down to the surface world. Link gets charged with rescuing her and receives his traditional green garb as well as the titular Skyward Sword. It’s at this point that we meet the sword’s spirit companion, Phi – she’ll guide Link as he journeys across the surface to rescue Zelda.

From there, Link travels down to the surface and enters the Sky Temple (the demo dungeon), where he suspects Zelda is hidden. After fighting through the traps, he encounters Ghirahim, the Demon Lord who rules the surface realm, who states that he and his tribe – yes, he’s not alone – are after Zelda. You duel him, he escapes, and the adventure continues from there…”

These are the other details that the sites picked up at E3;

  • The bird demo is not the very, very beginning of the game; you’ll be meeting the people of Skyloft and going through some story sequences first
  • You can press Down on the D-pad at any time the pointer is engaged to recalibrate the controller
  • Phi is actually voice-acted, and speaks in Midna-like gibberish
  • Dungeons are heavily non-linear, and there are significant portions of even just the part of the Sky Temple we experience on the show floor that can be skipped (including the Beetle upgrade)
  • You can actually stun Ghirahim during the first phase of the fight by moving your sword in a circle to confuse him, similar to the eyeball obstacles; wait for an opening, and strike! You don’t actually need to do this to defeat him, though, so it looks as though bosses as well as dungeons can be tackled in multiple ways and don’t have one set solution
  • Ghirahim may actually not be the final boss

Watch the latest E3 Skyward Sword trailer right here and let us know if you’re looking forward to Link’s forthcoming adventure by commenting down below.

6 Responses to “Skyward Sword Storyline and Details Revealed”
  1. Wes says:

    This sounds interesting, don’t get me wrong. But I’m gonna buy this game whatever the story is! Amazing!


  2. Oh my days. Nintendo know how to get us worked up. This game is going to be a mega adventure and we all know it.


  3. I am glad with the storyline they went with. The creation of the master sword was well done and the ending was a nice surprise.


  4. Loved the game. My only major complaint was too much fetching and random side quests


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